short sale negotiator: Are You Gonna Die on that Natural Hazard Disclosure Hill in this Short Sale? - 05/04/12 12:07 AM
On which hill do you wanna die? That's an expression I sometimes apply to my business. Because sometimes you've gotta take a stand, especially when you're a Sacramento short sale agent. But taking a stand has consequences. If you're gonna do battle, you take a chance on being killed. Not literally, of course. So I choose my hills for my battles. I can't always choose my battles because adversity goes hand-in-hand with Sacramento short sales. No way around it.
But the hill on which I'm gonna die, you betcha. And there's a good chance I'm not gonna die. I like to … (7 comments)

short sale negotiator: Stand-Up Paddleboarding in Hawaii is a Sport Even a 60-Year-Old Can Learn - 12/29/11 05:18 AM
I couldn't get my purple shorts on. That was an astounding discovery to make only halfway through our Hawaiian vacation. I tried them on before we left home and they fit. It's not so much that I couldn't get them on exactly as I could not fasten them. There is one sure cure for that. Fewer desserts. More salads.
Besides, some of the desserts are not worth all of the calories. When a server asked me how I liked the apple pie concoction, I told her the truth: You know those apple pies they sell at McDonald's? The kind that are … (12 comments)

short sale negotiator: About Short Sale Negotiators and Why Do Fannie Mae and Bank of America Share the Same Letterhead? - 12/13/11 03:20 AM
To learn about short sales, you have to work short sales yourself. You can't just sell a home and hope some third-party negotiator or some agent in your agent's office will do the short sale negotiation. Going that route is cutting a supposed short sale agent short and cutting her seller short, to make a pun. Your own agent should be your short sale negotiator. I've learned this the hard way early on in the game so you don't have to.
Oh, sure, some agents will say not having to do the short sale negotiation frees up their time to do … (7 comments)

short sale negotiator: Hello? Hello? Where is My Bank of America Short Sale Approval Letter? - 12/05/11 03:50 AM
It would be nice if things worked exactly the way they are supposed to work, but they don't. Like this morning, I pressed the button to turn on my cellphone and nothing happened. You know the definition of insanity, right? Doing the same thing over and over and getting the same result? I pressed the button again and again. I'm not immune to insanity, obviously. In fact, we're on a first name basis. Hello insanity. Hello Sacramento short sale agent. See, it knows my occupation. That's how intimate we are.
But at least I have some common sense. And common sense … (6 comments)

short sale negotiator: The Power of Words - 11/24/11 03:17 AM
Some guy called me a few days ago demanding to know if I was writing about his company. He blathered on and on as if I knew him when I do not. I felt like saying: Hey, buddy, if the shoe fits, wear it. But no, because I wasn't sure who he was. The one thing I did know was he was getting angrier and angrier. Working himself up into a lather. You're so vain, you probably think this blog is about you. I hung up on Carly Simon.
Then, I posted a video in my blog last week at the … (29 comments)

short sale negotiator: Why This Elk Grove Short Sale Had to Sell 5 Times - 11/21/11 04:34 AM
Real stories about real Sacramento short sales brought to you by your Sacramento short sale agent, Elizabeth Weintraub. For every dragged out, convoluted, problem-child short sale in Sacramento, there are typically 2 or 3 that close with very few delays. For obvious reasons, though, those stories are not as interesting as the short sales that cause anxiety and pain.
Two Elk Grove short sales that closed the week before last went off without a hitch. We didn't have any problems with the sales prices, which is generally because we have priced the short sale correctly. Of the four that closed last … (3 comments)

short sale negotiator: A Short Sale Agent Often Wonders Were You Lying Then or Are You Lying Now - 10/21/11 03:17 AM
A home seller in Land Park asked me yesterday what I have learned in my life's journey thus far. That was an odd question. It was a question that can't be answered in one sentence. Well, I suppose I could have said: We're all gonna die. Or, that nothing matters half as much 5 years from now as you think it matters today. Or, even we all create our own reality. Which we do. We're 100% responsible for how we feel and think. If you're miserable, it's your own damn fault.
Instead I said I've learned to say NO without providing … (9 comments)

short sale negotiator: You Don't Have to Stoop to a Bully's Level to Get Even - 09/07/10 03:12 AM
I don't like bullies. You know, people who think they can throw around their weight and make you do what they want. Maybe that's why I'm in real estate and not slaving away for a large corporation or, worse, the government.
It just seems lately that the world has too many bullies in it. The thing about bullies is they often aren't very bright. And sometimes they respond better when you deal with them on a primal level, employing a strategy my mother used to call kick 'em where it hurts. But when I see a person bullying another, my instincts … (47 comments)

short sale negotiator: Shocking News About Countrywide's New Short Sale Demands - It's Below the Belt, Even For CW - 01/15/09 04:17 AM
If I hadn't heard the words from Countrywide's short sale negotiator myself, I may not have believed it. Countrywide started out in this business as a bottom feeder, and I offer this story as evidence that Countrywide is returning to its roots. The demand Countrywide made yesterday on a short sale was vicious with an evil undertone.
A common factor among many short sales today is some lenders want the sellers to make a cash contribution at closing. That's not unexpected in some transactions. We had negotiated that contribution for the sellers down to $2,500, even though the sellers did not … (178 comments)

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