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Owning a car can be costly over the course of a year. Few of us would be game to sit down and add it up! The purchase price of your vehicle is quickly forgotten about but the cost of gas and basic services goes on and can add up to a hefty amount over the year. When you include the insurance cove...
Insurance is supposed to make people feel warm and fuzzy about the future, right? Insurance provides that peace of mind we all need if something happens to yourself or someone in your family, as insurance will kick in and make things better. If you’re in an accident and your family car is out of ...
A crummy economy, high gas prices, and routine automotive maintenance make owning a car difficult. Many folks are pinching pennies and looking for ways to save because of our country’s current financial depression. There are three major life-changers that may lend a helping hand to your quest for...
Ever since I got my driver’s license, I have had a fear of the senior citizens on the road; the small in stature, slower moving white-haired folks who go about their business, not bothering anybody. Many people, and I am guilty of this as well, assume that they are off in their own little world o...
The internet has become the best resource for researching and even buying insurance products. With thousands of insurance companies across the country, it is more possible than ever to perform the necessary due diligence in order to choose the right products and the right insurers. If you’re sear...
What is homeowners insurance and what does is cover?homeowners insurance is the financial protection of your home structure and your possessions in it from natural disasters. A homeowners policy generally covers your home and the liability and legal responsibility you assume when an injury occurs...
If you’re like me, visiting a doctor is not a pleasant experience, no matter how benign your reason for going. We all fear bad news from our doctors about our health or any unexpected issues that may be present within our bodies. Nobody wants to hear news that you have an infectious disease or a ...
Every business is vulnerable to employment liability. Today, people sue at the drop of a hat, and they'll take any excuse they can. People get offended at things that aren't even happening and want to be compensated for it. Or what if something really does happen? You certainly can't control ever...
Many companies these days are realizing how imperative it is to have additional business coverage for mistakes made by their staff. Everyone has heard of Directors & Officers insurance and Errors & Omissions insurance. But what exactly is the difference between the two types of insurance? • Direc...
Imagine starting your own business and finally, finally getting it to the point where you’re starting to see a good amount of income. You’re doing just fine. You’re able to add more computers to your office and more employees. It’s beginning to turn into a real company. Then, out of nowhere, your...

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