boynton beach fl: Congratulations on Closing - 10/26/17 03:20 AM
Congratulations on Closing 
Congratulations to Mike and Barbara on the closing of your new home in Valencia Bay!  Enjoy your new home in Boynton Beach FL!
And thank you to Deb Agliano for entrusting me with this referral.

boynton beach fl: What is a Safe Room - 09/11/17 06:21 PM
What is a safe room?  If you live in Florida, you need to know.  We live in Paradise, but once in a while Mother Nature rears her head and we have to oblige.
We've been in Florida for 22 years.  This is the second time we've had to really worry.  But the truth is, there is something to worry about pretty much wherever you live - earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, snow and ice.  The good thing with hurricanes, if there is a good thing, is that you have time to leave. We didn't.
We chose to stay.  We're inland, about 15-20 minutes from the beach.  When … (35 comments)

boynton beach fl: Home Prices in Boynton Beach Florida for July 2017 - 08/24/17 07:17 AM
Home Prices in Boynton Beach Florida for July 2017
Real estate market data for Boynton Beach, FL provided by Elyse Berman of Realty Associates Florida Properties.
Home prices in Boynton Beach, FL showed a decrease in July. Boynton Beach sales were hot!
Prices of closed sales on single family homes in Boynton Beach decreased and and sold for close to asking price and above,  while condos, villas and townhomes remained pretty much the same in closed sales.    
Below  is a snapshot for how the market did in July for  home prices in Boynton Beach FL.  
Many of our listings are selling within a few days of hitting … (8 comments)

boynton beach fl: How Are You Greeting Your Buyers? - 08/19/17 04:56 PM
Wonderful post for sellers by Kathy Streib , a local Delray Beach home stager.   Definitely worth reading if you are selling or plan to sell your home, whether in Boca Raton or anywhere else.  She makes some great points here.
How Are You Greeting Your Buyers?
How often have you heard that you only get one chance to make a good first impression? Yes, it’s become a bit overused but it’s because it’s true.

When you decide to sell your home, it’s important to remember that first impressions do count.
The first impression usually begins with what they … (10 comments)

boynton beach fl: A REALTOR® NIGHTMARE - 08/10/17 01:35 PM
I washed my phone yesterday.  Not on purpose, mind you.  It got scooped  up with the bed linens and tossed in the wash.  
By the time I realized it, my phone was in hot water...and so was I!  
I had a call to make, but I didn't know the number.  Panic set in!  I was scrambling.  Where was the number?  It's amazing how much we rely on our phones for everything today - phone numbers, contact info, alarm clock, and so on.  I remember thinking, I wish I had a phone book.
This saga started at 8:00 am and took 12 hours … (18 comments)

boynton beach fl: Best Business Practices From Court Reporting to Real Estate - 08/04/17 03:04 AM

Best Business Practices from Court Reporting to Real Estate
While going through a bad time in my life, I enrolled in court reporting school at the urging of a cousin and a friend.  Court reporting changed my life. 
When I was about to enter my last class 200--225 words per minute, the school went out of business.  I told them, You can't; I'm not finished yet!  New York state came in to sort things out.  They transferred those who wanted to finish the course  to another school, while others left to become legal or medical secretaries.   They brought teachers out from … (11 comments)

boynton beach fl: Should I Use a Buyer's Agent On New Construction in Boca Raton FL - 05/30/17 02:36 PM
Should I Use a Buyer's Agent for New Construction in Boca Raton FL
Thinking of buying new construction in Boca Raton FL?  Thinking of going directly to the builder?  They're advertising like crazy.  Stop - wait just a second!  
What most people don't realize is that the builder's agents, his sales people, are all working for him, the builder, not you.  These sales people are not on your side.  They are not your friends.  They are sales agents of the builder working for him.
Think you'll get a better deal if you go without an agent?  You'll save the commission?  No way!  Not … (16 comments)

boynton beach fl: Blast From The Past in Boynton Beach FL - 12/19/16 07:14 AM
Blast From The Past in Boynton Beach FL
When was the last time you saw one of these?  Intercoms were a big upgrade when we moved to Florida in 1994.  Everyone wanted one.  I found this blast from the past while touring homes in Boynton Beach the other day.  How many people would actually use one today?  

boynton beach fl: Home Prices in Valencias Delray, Boynton & Lake Worth FL - August 2016 - 09/20/16 10:29 PM
Home Prices in Valencias Delray, Boynton and Lake Worth FL - August 2016
Real estate market data for  the Valencias in Delray Beach, Boynton Beach and Lake Worth, FL provided by Elyse Berman of Realty Associates Florida Properties.
The Valencias Real Estate Market Report for July 2016 includes the 55+ gated communities of Valencia Lakes, Valencia Isles, Valencia Shores, Valencia Falls, Valencia Palms, Valencia Pointe, Valencia Reserve and Valencia Cove. 
These senior housing, baby-boomer communities are not the 55+ active adult communities of our parents.   These 55+ gated communities in Delray Beach, Boynton Beach and Lake Worth are upscale luxury communities with state-of-the-art fitness centers, grand clubhouses with pools, card rooms, … (10 comments)

boynton beach fl: 7 Tips for Buyers to Keep From Feeling Overwhelmed - 09/11/16 07:23 AM
Buyers take heed - if you gotten an accepted contract on a home, please take a few minutes to read this post by Jeff Dowler .  Although Jeff is in Carlsbad, CA, his information is appropriate to Boca Raton, FL or anywhere else. 
It's easy to feel overwhelmed with so much to do, but your Buyer's Agent will guide you through the process.  They are there to help throughout the process and long after.
7 Tips for Buyers to Not Feel Overwhelmed
You just made an offer on the house you love, and now you have an accepted contract.

boynton beach fl: Should First-Time Home Buyers Purchase in a HOT Seller's Market? - 09/05/16 05:57 AM
This is excellent advice for first-time homebuyers by Tammie White .  Although Tammi is in Tennessee and our contracts vary, from state to state the same advice holds true for homes in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach and surrounding areas.  I have also seen this lately with more seasoned buyers.
The Franklin housing market has been brutal on home buyers. Gone are the days of taking out buyers to see several homes and then taking a day or so to decide whether to make an offer. Buyers who don't pull the trigger immediately will likely miss out on a purchase.
This is … (4 comments)

boynton beach fl: Honey, let's not use a Realtor! - 08/18/16 08:23 PM
If you are thinking of selling your house without a realtor, please take a few minutes to read Andrea Swiedler 's post.  There is a lot more involved in selling a house.  While Andrea Swiedler is in Connecticut, the same holds true for Boca Raton or Boynton Beach, Florida. 
You need a real estate professional to sell your home.  There is much more to it than meets the eye.
The idea behind not using a real estate agent in the purchase and sale of a home is a simple one, to save yourself some money. I get that.  Buyers think they will … (13 comments)

boynton beach fl: Pet-Friendly Homes a Rare Breed - 07/25/16 10:30 PM
As I've been saying for years, pet-friendly housing in Boca Raton FL and surrounding areas can be hard to find.  Here it is from Florida Realtors this morning.  If you are thinking of buying a home with your beloved pets, please read this article from Florida Realtors. 

boynton beach fl: Moving Tips You Really Need to Know - 04/26/16 08:53 PM
Moving can be overwhelming.  Here are some great tips by Lise Howe .  I had never heard about tieing your clothes in a plastic bag and taking photos of your computer cords.  These are two I will remember!
If you have moved more than once, you know to put all your clothes into trash bags and tie them off at the top by the clothes hanger hooks - that way you can just hang them easily at your new home. 
You know to color code your moving boxes and to pack an overnight bag of first day essentials.  You are a … (13 comments)

boynton beach fl: Real estate market data for Boynton Beach, FL for March 2016 - 04/11/16 09:25 PM
Home Prices in Boynton Beach FL for March 2016
Real estate market data for Boynton Beach, FL provided by  Elyse Berman of Realty Associates Florida Properties.  
We continue to see higher prices on home prices in Boynton Beach FL and don’t expect things to slow down anytime soon. If you are considering buying a home you can still find deals on a house in Boynton Beach, but having a good real estate agent who understands the market is a must. Don’t wait on the sidelines for too long. Many of our listings are selling within a few days of hitting the market. … (4 comments)

boynton beach fl: How to Be a Good Seller When You Move.... - 03/25/16 07:27 PM
What a perfect list Kathy Streib has put together for sellers to prepare for their move.  Sellers take heed of Kathy's wise words - this is just as you would want to find your new home left for you. 
10 Things to Do Before You Leave Your Home...
You’ve sold your house!  Your new home awaits!  Movers are scheduled, boxes are lined up, ready for their trip in the moving van.  You’ve taken care of the utilities and are ready to begin your new adventure.
But wait… there’s more you can do… not
just for you, … (15 comments)

boynton beach fl: Need House for Sale in Tivoli Lakes in Boynton Beach - 01/20/16 06:28 PM
Need House for Sale in Tivoli Lakes in Boynton Beach
Dear Homeowner,
I'm a real estate agent with Realty Associates Florida Properties.  Please NOTE this is not a solicition to list your home.  
I'm working with a qualified homebuyer interested in buying in your community; preferably, they are seeking a Cabernet model.
If you are or believe you'd be interested in selling within the next 6 months, please give me a call and let me know days/times when the homebuyers can view your home.
I'll be happy to share the SOLD information of homes similar to your to help you determine a price.  Or, the … (11 comments)

boynton beach fl: Do I Need a Richmond VA Realtor to Buy New Construction? - 01/14/16 10:37 AM
Shannon Milligan wrote this post about whether or not buyers need a realtor to buy new construction.  I can tell you whether you are in Virginia, as Shannon is, or in Boca Raton, Delray Beach or Boynton Beach, as I am, you need a realtor to buy new construction.  \
Why, you say?  The builder is not going to give you five cents off because you show up without an agent.  Builders sell homes.  They are out for themselves.  You, the buyer, needs a realtor to look after your interests.  Yes, you do - trust me on this.  I have personally built … (6 comments)

boynton beach fl: Dog Parks in Boca Raton FL - 01/11/16 07:19 PM
Dog Parks in Boca Raton FL
Once you're settled into your pet-friendly home in Boca Raton FL, you may want to take your four-legged friend for some exercise and what better place to do that than our local dog parks.  Boca Raton has two dog parks:  Mizner Bark, which is east, and Canine Cove, which is west.
Mizner Bark, appropriately named as everything in Boca is named either Mizner or Addison after Addison Mizner, the famed architect and visionary who was instrumental in our history.   Mizner Bark is centrally located on Military Trail and Banyan and is great for those who live … (10 comments)

boynton beach fl: Tivoli Reserve - Pet Friendly 55+ Community in Boynton Beach FL - 11/24/13 10:07 AM
Tivoli Reserve - Pet Friendly 55+ Community in Boynton Beach FL
Find similar homes for sale to Pet Friendly 55+ Tivoli Reserve in Boynton Beach FL 

Tivoli Reserve, pet-friendly 55+ homes for sale in Boynton Beach FL, are centrally located to everything. Modern design and beautifully kept grounds will make you love coming home to Tivoli Reserve in Boynton Beach, FL.
Active Adult Community
The homes you would expect to find for sale in Tivoli Reserve in Boynton Beach FL are generally going to range from approximately 2200 and 2800 square feet. The community was … (7 comments)

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