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Termites and carpenter ants are the most destructive insects of wood in structures found in the United States. Yet another insect that must be addressed are Carpenter Bees. Although not as destructive as termites, or carpenter ants, carpenter bees can do their fair share of damage to the exterior...
   Wooden decks and porches if not properly cared for can be an all day breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. Termites, the most destructive insect of wooden structures are opportunist with an unending appetite . They are masters of taking advantage of a neglected home. So how can home owners keep ...
One of the signs that a structure may have a Subterranean termite infestation is the presence of shelter tubs, most commonly called mud tubes. These tubes range in sizes, from a 1/4 inch or more in width. Instinctively wise, subterranean termites construct mud tubes to gain access to food sources...
                          Can you see the potential for water intrusion in this picture? There are actually three, three that are simple to fix, or if left alone, can be costly to repair. One, the downspout does not have an extension. This will result in rain water pooling around the foundation w...
Inspecting the plumbing system is one of the most important part of a home inspection. Incorrect plumbing can not only result in leaks and mold growth behind walls and floors, it can also result in harmful gases entering into the living space. Except for a toilet, every fixture should be provided...
Most home owners give little or no thought to their roof shingles and flashing. Little or no thought is given to them because they are out of sight out of mind, until the roof leaks. Roof coverings are the first line of defense against the outside elements. They are also the most exposed componen...
                                                     When home owners discover evidence of termite damage and infestation, it's natural to wonder how and why the house is under attack. There are a number of reasons why a house may come under attack, and they all have to do with water. In much of ...
Cracks in exterior and foundation walls can be a huge and costly problem. They can be a result of any number of conditions, such as on going settlement, soil conditions, undersized footings, added weight and the list goes on and on. Whatever the reason, foundation cracks can be a fortune to repai...
Shims are an important building material used in construction and a number of interior and exterior installations. Most often shims are used when installing windows and doors to make them level and balanced. Shims are also used extensively on stair carriages and stringers. They are also used to g...
If you like watching old black and white movies like I do, then you probably noticed the handsomely and beautifully made staircases. You likely noticed the beautiful dark wooden handrails some with goose neck ends and caps. How about the stylish balusters. Did you notice the carefully made starti...

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