endre barath: I have been replaced: There is a New Chef in town.... - 03/22/18 11:31 PM
I have been replaced:   There is a New Chef in town... needless to say most of you who read my blog post regularly, know I am a pretty good Home Chef aka  cook. The menu is always varied seldom the same day after day, month after month. I love variety and I have enough cook books to allow me to add variety to my repertoire....
Well Diane decided to replace the old floor mats in the kitchen. This is where  the trouble started, I was basically removed, well see for yourself.
The worst part is look the menu was changed too.... now this is … (10 comments)

endre barath: The Culver City, CA. 90230 & 90232 Market Trend Report is published. - 03/20/18 11:39 PM
The Culver City, CA 90230  & 90232    Market Trend Report is published read all about it!!!
Hard to believe that the inventory is still at the same tight level as it has been for the past three years... This of course is a clear indication that as most people who look at these reports will understand that it continues to remain a "seller's market".  If you have doubts check out the next graph:
Take my word when the Days on Market is at such a low number the odds are very likely that most of the homes are in multiple offers and above … (6 comments)

endre barath: Life in the Day of a Beverly Hills Pet Friendly Realtor on another... - 03/19/18 11:34 PM
Life in the day of a Beverly Hills Pet Friendly Realtor on another not so typical Monday!
Background: As most of you know we had some well-deserved rain for the past three weeks. Well long and behold after the last rain, we had a more than normal warm day. Next thing I know is Diane is screaming, clearly panic in her voice… Endre come here what is this? The answer was simple but not good: Termites in the Kitchen and in the Living Room… interestingly they were coming from under the house….
Diane immediately researched and thanks to Mr. Google the quick and … (34 comments)

endre barath: Almost Speechless Sunday: California Poppies.. - 03/18/18 10:31 PM
Diane and I love California Poppies so a couple weeks ago she decided to plant a few of them three in the front of the house and three on the side of it. In case you are not familiar these flowers are the California State Flowers and they spread relatively fast and do not require a great deal of the "green thumb" most other plants do.
So you can imagine how excited we both were when three days ago we saw the first one blooming. Well here go see for yourself and enjoy it like we do...
Clearly we have a ways to go … (23 comments)

endre barath: 3320 N Knoll Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068 Accepting Backup Offers... - 03/18/18 10:09 PM
Another vacant lot accepting Backup Offers. The buyer and seller have been negotiating for the past six days. Congratulations to both parties on meeting of the minds.
Most of the vacant lots that are  in the Hollywood Hills happen to be difficult builds. This is probably one of the easier builds.
Directions : Cahuenga Blvd to Hollycrest Dr to Benda St to N Knoll Dr
One of the best priced vacant lots in the coveted 90068 zip code. One of the few upsloped lot. This is a fantastic opportunity not only for an owner user who wants to live in the 90068 zip code but … (4 comments)

endre barath: 0 Oletha Lane, Bel Air, CA 90077 Back On the Market.... - 03/17/18 10:17 PM
0 Oletha Lane, Bel Air, CA 90077 Back On the Market.... buyer changed his mind that the hillside ordinance is too challenging form him. Just like I mentioned to him from the beginning it take 4-6 months for road approval and then to boot another 8-12 months with the Hillside Approval Process.
He was apologetic that I was right and he does not want to jeopardize his marriage over the buying of the land... NOW with that said,  NOW here is a remarkable opportunity to buy into the coveted 90077 zip code at a very reasonable price. 
First buyers Loss could be Your Gain!
Directions to … (12 comments)

endre barath: Market Snap Shot of Luxury Homes on the West Side of Los Angeles,CA.. - 03/16/18 11:46 PM
I often get asked what is the entry point for Luxury Homes on the West Side of Los Angeles, CA? Well this opens up a number of discussions. What do you consider the West Side of Los Angeles? What do you consider a Luxury Home? Needless to say this creates a bigger discussion...
So with that said one of the Title Company Reps sent out a list of Homes that Sold in February of 2018 over $5 million. This is a good list because it covers. the 90049 zip code which we call Brentwood. It also covers the 90210 zip code better … (16 comments)

endre barath: 3963 Sumac Accepting Backup Offers: another Vacant Lot in Sherman Oaks - 03/15/18 11:32 PM
3963 Sumac Accepting Backup Offer : another Vacant lot in the Sherman Oaks hills in Escrow!
Fantastic Opportunity in the Sherman Oaks Hills South of the Boulevard to build your dream home.
Seller wants it sold hence the huge price reduction. Pefect Opportunity for a buyer with visions of living  in the Sherman Oaks hills with peak a boo views of the San Fernando Valley.
If you are considering selling your Vacant Lot, please reach out to me directly I am a Hillside Land Expert.
If you are looking for a focused and goal-oriented Realtor in the Beverly Hills area who will help you achieve … (18 comments)

endre barath: Observations about the importance of 'Priorities' and 'Time Blocking... - 03/15/18 10:59 PM
Observations about the importance of ‘Priorities’ and ‘Time Blocking” by a Beverly Hills Realtor: Endre Barath, Jr.  
Having had my own business aka being a Beverly Hills Realtor for over 24+ years, I have learned that “Priorities” are key for long term survival and prospering, not just in Real Estate, but in any business. Not only is prioritizing critical, but it must be directly connected to “Time Blocking”. No matter who you are, or what you do, all your business decisions as well as your success will depend how good you are at these two factors.
The most important commodity anyone has … (54 comments)

endre barath: So what did you do when the Oscars were on? - 03/13/18 11:36 PM
Well in the good old days we used to throw an Oscar Party... well those days are gone... so what did we do? Well we celebrated just like if there was a big party:). 
I guess I am exaggerating, we popped a not too extravagant Champaign which was still very good. Now with that said. Did we miss anything by not having a large Oscar Party? Not really the clean up was easier and we did not need to argue about who was more deserved than the actual winner.
So with that said did we do an Oscar Ballot? Yes we did, was it fair … (36 comments)

endre barath: Almost Speechless Sunday: Rain and Golfers... - 03/11/18 11:12 PM
I have failed to mention that we have been getting a couple great  Rain Storms in Los Angeles, CA. Most of us are elated, only those who come from the East Coast or other parts of the Globe and they do not understand how critical it is for us to get rain...Grumble...
Anyway, I am digressing... I could not help myself but take a picture of or two of these Golfers. I do not want to exaggerate but the rain must have stopped about 15 minutes before I took these pictures.
It is clear to me that Golfers are like Realtors, Rain, Shine or … (19 comments)

endre barath: Bel Air, CA, 90077 zip code: Market Trends Report... - 03/11/18 08:49 PM
One of my favorite zip codes that I love is the 90077  and of course, this is where I love to sell homes and vacant land. That is the 90077 zip code, aka Bel Air, CA. There are so many of the well known  and high net worth individuals  who call the 90077 zip code as their home with good reason, that  the list is too long and they preferr not to be named  anyway to boot.
Sadly, there are  many who are no longer with us who used to call Bel Air, CA their home. In case you forgot or missed  … (3 comments)

endre barath: FLY: F.L.Y. what does it mean to you? - 03/11/18 12:18 AM
FLY: F.L.Y. what does it mean to you?
Well before I give you an answer to the abbreviation, allow me to share a few well-known Quotes.
My philosophy is: it is none of my business what people say of me, what people think of me. I am what I am and do what I do. I expect nothing and accept everything. And it makes life so much easier.
Anthony Hopkins
Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.
Mark Twain
Every day you must unlearn the ways that hold you back. You must rid yourself … (16 comments)

endre barath: Key points in being comfortable in your home office is to have a ... - 03/09/18 11:51 PM
Key points in being comfortable in your home office, advice from a Beverly Hills Realtor who has been working from his home for the past 15 years.
This post is not about designing your home office, nor is it about making sure you have a great sound system, nor is it about having the best equipment from, printer, scanner, laptop and the list goes on and on.
This Post is about having the right chair, take my word for it. My home office has had all the bells and whistles, except for having a great ‘Chair’. My first chair 20+ years ago was … (21 comments)

endre barath: Referrals: The lifeblood of a good Realtor not just in Beverly Hills. - 03/08/18 11:36 PM
Referrals: The lifeblood of any good Realtor,not just in Beverly Hills but anywhere! Period!
Let me start out with saying that it is crucial in the long-term survival of any Realtor to receive and give referrals. If you are not getting any referrals you need to take a closer look at WHY NOT??
I have been known as the Land Specialist in the greater Los Angeles area, hence I receive calls from other agents and it is for me to decided if I want to take the referral or not.
(Loma Lada aka the farm SOLD Referral from  a Realtor in my office in … (13 comments)

endre barath: 3318 N Knoll Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068 Just Listed another vacant land - 03/07/18 10:31 PM
Just listed another vacant land: 3318 N Knoll Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068
Most of the vacant lots that are  in the Hollywood Hills happen to be difficult builds. This is probably one of the easier builds.
Directions : Cahuenga Blvd to Hollycrest Dr to Benda St to N Knoll Dr
 One of the best priced vacant lots in the coveted 90068 zip code. One of the few upsloped lot. This is a fantastic opportunity not only for an owner user who wants to live in the 90068 zip code but ideal for a developer too. Huge upside. Build your dream home in the historic … (11 comments)

endre barath: 0 Oletha Lane, Bel Air, CA 90077 accepting Backup Offers... - 03/06/18 10:32 PM
0 Oletha Lane, Bel Air, CA 90077 another Vacant Lot with Panoramic views is accepting Backup Offers...
Directions to get to this fantastic vacant lot:  drive on  Beverly Glen Blvd, heading North right after Tupelo is Oletha on the East Side of Beverly Glen.
Three lots in the prestigeous 90077 zipcode of Bel Air, CA. Fantastic Opportunity to put your foot into such a prestigeous community. Jus an FYI combine the lots and let your immagination work for you.
Agent Remarks : Please call before showing to get details. use caution when showing. Agents must accompany clients for safety and well being of the clients.
Vacant land … (12 comments)

endre barath: Los Angeles Real Estate Prices are well let's just say UP There... - 03/06/18 12:02 AM
The Los Angeles Real Estate Prices are UP There:) you heard me talk about it. You have seen me write about it. I provided Real Estate Market Reports about it. Most of you understood the challenges to step into the Los Angeles Real Estate Market.
Then again there were a few doubting Thomas-es out there! So with that said. let me show a few pictures.
Here is a house which is connected to another one total fixers HOW MUCH Do You Think it is listed for?
Well if you did not cheat I doubt you would have guessed $2,250,000. If you did congratulations BTW it … (21 comments)

endre barath: Life of Wiley in Westchester, CA 90045 - 03/04/18 11:55 PM
This kitty did not always live in the lap of luxury...
There was a time he roamed the streets of Westchester, CA in the 90045 zip code. When Diane and I bought our house he took a liking to us. As soon as we settled in, we noticed that he kept showing up day and night.
Well it got to the point that we started to put some food and water out for him. Next thing we know, we had him neutered and built a house for him, within a year he was inside our home.
Now if we open the the door he runs … (21 comments)

endre barath: The Oscars unanimously selected: The Best Actress & The Best Picture.. - 03/04/18 11:29 PM
The  Voting Members of the Motion Picture Industry unanimously selected : The Best Actress and The Best Picture none other than Octavia. The decision was made a while ago, but the announcement just came out!
Now if you want to have Octavia in your home, she is still available for adoption from the Lange Foundation.
This little girl is still looking for her forever home and she would love to hang her Oscars in your home. If you would like to meet her, please stop in at the Lange Foundation!
phone: (310) 473-5585
fax: (310) 473-0157
2106 S. Sepulveda Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
If you are looking for … (9 comments)

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