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Many people ask me,"how can you get so much done, if you sell so many houses?", "Won't I be just another number to you if I buy or sell my house with you?", "How would you have time to give me personalized service? " To this I say, with the right systems, and the right, dedicated staff, how could...
Stage Fright..    Let me start by introducing myself to you.  My name is Jen Palazzola and I am the rental specialist here at The Energized Realty Group.  I have been with Judy now for almost a year.  When Judy and I first sat down to discuss if we would be a good fit for each other, we realized ...
Here is the news. Buyer calls are up significantly, from 88 in February, to 133 this month. That's a 50% increase in just one month. Our buyer specialists are as busy as they were last Spring, before the downturn, and almost as busy as we were in 2007. Buyers have woken up and smelled the coffee;...
What do you do if you are in the process of buying  a home, and you order an engineer's inspection, and problems with the home are uncovered? Who do you talk to? And which one of the players in the transaction is most likely to help get the issue resolved? In many cases, the agent is afraid to co...
Finally, the agreement between the Federal reserve and the Banking Industry, for the banks to start really lending money to good, qualified people, who deserve housing loans, in return for the billions of dollars loaned to bail the banks out IS WORKING!!!  Buyers are getting financing, as long as...
I admit, it's been a week since I have blogged. I have had family in from all over the country for a special family gathering. OK, enough said. Now the market...we have been busy. That does not mean that prices are going up, they are not.  But there is real movement.  I will say this very clearly...
Great News for First Time Home Buyers Despite all the incessant cries of a collapsing housing market, I'm here to tell how it really is the best time for some to finally take the leap of faith and purchase that first property.  Now I'm sure you'll get a different answer from every person you ask,...
We received this question from an out of town consumer via our web site www.energizedrealtygroup.com. We felt that the question was both relevant enough and appropriate enough to make the answer into a blog. So here it is:I have a question. According to many experts NY is lagging the nation in th...
THE ONE THING THAT MANY BUYERS DON'T KNOW BUT SHOULD AND COULD SAVE THEM (and their agent) a lot of stress and wasted time.  This past Thursday, my buyer specialist team and I were having a meeting, and a discussion began about how buyers relate to us, and how we can continue to work really hard ...
Well, this is a new, old one...we have finally been busy enough negotiating with buyers and sellers, obtaining new property for sale,  adjusting prices for our most serious sellers, and searching inventory for real (I emphasize the word "real") buyers, that I have not had the time to blog.  And t...

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