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I just received this safety information . The link is to the Nation's Law Enforcement Community Police Link. I don't usually pass these stories on, but this one made a lot of sense. So I googled the source of the story (see link) and decided it needs to be shared. I never would have considered a ...
In many homes, Santa fills the toe of the Christmas Stockings with an Orange. However, in our home, Santa has always filled the stockings with Duct Tape! Over the years, my sons discovered at least 1001 uses for the 'sticky stuff'. I bet most REALTORS® could top that! Have any clever uses for duc...
Hear me roar? "In numbers too big to ignore" I found some interesting postings about Women REALTORS®1927 New York Times Special to The New York Times.August 14, 1927, SundaySEATTLE, Wash., Aug. 13 1927. -- "Far from the home and from the orthodox responsibilities of home-making sits the woman RE...
In the midst of another snow storm (about the 3rd one this week...and another storm on the way!) I was having a discussion with another Maine REALTOR®  about the damaging effects of the invasive plant, Milfoil. We were daydreaming about warm summer days on Long Pond! I wondered what I could do to...
I love winters in Maine ! When it snows, the world seems to spin in slow motion....The tranquility, the beauty, and the excuse to not go to the office ASAP!!....(Even though the road crews are usually out 24/7 keeping the roads plowed).I don't think I'll ever get over the excitement that I used ...
"Even if you think you are on the right track, if you just sit there, you'll get run over!"To quote The Maine Association of Realtors' technology consultant, Matthew Ferrara : "Web site logs - or blogs as they have become known - are the next big thing for agent Internet marketing"...In a recent ...
I am hopeful that Santa will think I've been a good Antique Little Girl and will fill my stocking with a new laptop computer  and some other electronic toys. I'm prematurely wondering what to do with some of the dated electronics that might still be of use to somebody. I checked out the sharetech...
I recently had a conversation with my son who is considering running a 100 Mile endurance race. I asked him what he would do about lack of sleep...assuming the race might take up to 30 hours to complete. After that conversation, I decided , just for fun...to send him the poem lyrics of ‘Stopping ...
$ave Money. $ave Energy. $ave the Environment. Driving around our Island, I see many older homes with HUGE ice sickles hanging from the roof lines. That might make a nice holiday photo....sparkling ice and snow drifts...but it really isn't that beautiful when you realize that it is a snapshot of ...
Many REALTORS® are active members of their community ...and do what they can to help their community, plus try to balance their lives. At a recent fundraising event (our local board council was hosting an auction to raise money for local affordable housing issues) I heard bits of conversations th...

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