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Did you know that the return-on-investment in housing can crush what you can expect to earn in the stock market? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Watch today's video for details. Mortgage rates holding at 60yr record lows! Watch all my videos at
Did you know that right now, more people can afford to buy a home, than any previous time in history? Record low rates, and home values are helping many go from renting to owning! Watch all my videos at
For those of you that have already seen my HARP 2.0 video below ... good for you! There has been many questions about the program, so I felt it was useful to send out again. Forward this to anyone you know who is underwater on their home loan! FYI, the average client using this program is saving ...
Did you know that a simple action can forever change your life, and possibly even save it? It's true! Watch today's video as I give the details ... you might be surprised! Mortgage rates at new record low. Watch all my videos at
Mortgage Rates just hit a new record low today, and everything else seems to be improving in housing. Realtor income rose for first time in 5 years, and the Home Affordability Index just hit a new all-time high. Great time to buy! Watch all my videos at
Home Buyers ask me all the time about what repairs will be required before closing their home purchase. Here's a list of the most common items, and a few strategies on how to pay for those. Mortgage Rates at Record Lows right now! Watch all my videos at
Many home Buyers have less cash to work with when purchasing a new home. Here's a great way for a Seller to not only help the Buyer, but also make their home more attractive and sell for a higher price! Mortgage Rates at Record Lows right now! Watch all my videos at
Getting a home loan these days can be a painful process for many, but it doesn't have to be. Here's 3 great tips on how to make your transaction go much easier. Mortgage rates just hit new record low! Watch all my videos at
Many Homeowners want to buy their dream home, but think they can't because they are underwater on their current home. Watch as I explain how it can be possible to make a move anyway! Watch all my videos at
How come you get a quote from a lender on Monday, and when you call back to lock on Tuesday, the rate is different? Here's a great explanation on what may have caused the change. Watch all my videos at

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