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Las Vegas real estate market has undoubtedly seen better days. Anyone who knows something about the timely topic is well aware of that. Now there is an altogether new, bizarre twist to the notion. National Association of Home Builders, or NAHB, convention comes to Southern Nevada every January to...
Southern Nevada - like Green Valley, Summerlin, Henderson, Spring Valley and Eldorado - was rapidly pricing itself out of the housing market a few years ago. The recent unforgettable boom pushed home values way past the average household income, forcing many to buy property with flexible mortgage...
Real estate, they say, is all about location, location, location, and that is in a certain way backed up by a recent study commissioned by CEOs for Cities. It's a nationwide cross-sector group of urban movers and shakers from academic, business, civic and philanthropic fields committed to buildin...
The co-founders of $1.5 billion fund have long resumes highlighted with mortgage, FHA, Wall Street and financial regulation experience in executive positions. Richard Stewart Jr., CEO of Heritage Capital Resources and Peter Monroe, CEO of National Real Estate Ventures, have carefully assessed the...
Mortgage-backed securities were some of the most-sought-after paper on Wall Street not so long ago, when the residential real estate market was still cruising along smoothly. The yields were solid and risk was seemingly minimal. Everybody and his nephew wanted at least some of them in their portf...
The real estate market has been pumped up nicely with the up to $8,000 first-time buyer tax credit, Las Vegas definitely being one of the beneficiaries. Many renters go for it here and acquire good homes that have become very affordable during the prolonged housing and mortgage slump. The program...
The housing market in Southern Nevada had several strong months late in the spring and going into the summer, largely because of low mortgage rates and increasingly affordable prices. Those two conditions have that something extra to attract buyers, in this day and age mostly first-timers and inv...
Energy Efficient Mortgage, or EEM, by FHA has been around for quite some time but hasn't really caught on that well. Not yet anyway. The government is just now revving up a national campaign to highlight the importance of energy conservation in housing. It's putting a lot of resources into it. As...
The two dominant mortgage market makers have been struggling for years with all sorts of problems, most of them of their own making. Heavy losses led to the Federal Housing Finance Administration placing them under conservatorship about a year ago. U.S. Treasury Department is now keeping the two ...
Las Vegas condominium market has fared as poorly in recent years as the battered single-family sector. The malaise is afflicting everything with the condo banner hanging over it; the luxury high-rises, the contemporary mid-rises and the homey low-rises. A host of units on Strip glass towers have ...

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