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I have been a member of several networking groups duting my career. I also networked way before the term netwroking was in vogue. I have reasonably complete records as to where my business comes from. Alsmost 80% of my business comes on a referral basis. But ulnlike some of the posts I have seen ...
These are hard times in Massachusetts, and perhaps other states as well. Our brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews are losing their jobs, and many times losing their homes. We have many ways to help out, not the least obvious of which is to leave our investment property (two or three family or co...
As probably the only Massachusetts real estate attorney in attendance at today's RainCamp, I had no idea what to expect from the day. In my case, regrettably, it was only a half a day, because a deal which I thought was all wrapped up started to uncoil at about 10:30 AM, and I am back in my offic...
I was struck by Gary's post earlier today about showing sensitivity and "compassion" for people who own homes and are behind in their mortgages. Many of them don't even know how they got there. You let one payment slide, and think you'll catch up next month. Then, your unemployment benefits run o...
In Massachusetts, where I have been practicing real estate law for mor than 40 years, durable Powers of Attorney are an important estate and financial planning tool. No one really knows what will happen to him or her tomorrow, and it there is someone in your life whom you trust, you give that per...
Those ActiveRain members who are coming to the RainCamp on July 26, 2010 may intend to visit Boston's historic North End for lunch or dinner. My experience as a person who has lived  in the Boston area for almost fifty years will encourage you to make this foray. There are historical sites like t...
I recently got involved with representing an elderly Seller with property in the fashionable Beacon Hill section of Boston. At the urging of her grown-up children, she decided to sell the Condominium Unit which she used as a pied-de-terre on her  frequent visits to Boston. The properly showed nic...
I have to be extremely factual here. From June 15 through Labor Day, I turn down offers to sit with a Realtor,or a Loan Officer, at Sunday afternoon Open Houses. That period of time has traditonally been when I play weekend golf, and I will generally chooses a round of golf with family or friends...
People purchasing homes are normally at a high level of stress. After an often laborious journey through many homes displayed by a willing Buyer Agent, the final decision has been made and an Offer to Purchase accepted. As all of you know, this is certainly not the end of the process, but the Buy...
As many of you are aware, this is a time when Borrowers behind in their mortgages need help in dealing with Lenders, of all shapes and sizes, in developing solutions. A lot of people think that if they only can get their mortgage modified, their problems will be solved. There are procedures for o...

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