sioux falls local businesses: DooGooders "They Doo Poo" Sioux Falls SD - 01/08/12 02:19 PM

We all love our pooches! What is not to love? All of those sweet wagging tails and those sloppy puppy kisses just melt our hearts right?!

Well there is ONE thing not to love. Landmines....AKA dog logs, nuggets, droppings can leave your yard looking, well less then stellar.

But never fear the DooGooders are here! At DooGooders their actual motto is “we doo poo.” DooGooders will come to you home and take away all that your dog can dish out. They offer one time service or weekly retrieval. So if you don't do doo and you want someone … (16 comments)

sioux falls local businesses: Aviena... Vintage Consignment, Sioux Falls, SD - 12/30/11 02:33 PM

I have a penchant for vintage things. Old clothes, old music, old furniture, old books all will catch my eye. So the other day on Facebook when I noticed a friend had liked a new vintage store I got all excited. So I took the afternoon off and discovered Aviena. Aviena is a curious little shop with a mix of old and new pieces. With a good section of vintage clothes and shoes, vintage jewelry and repurposed furniture it was a very interesting shop. It also had along with the vintage a selection of newer stuff to keep it interesting. … (7 comments)

sioux falls local businesses: Resale Living Furniture Consignment Sioux Falls, SD - 12/21/11 09:54 AM

As a Realtor I frequently work with people who need or need to get rid of furniture. The downsizing client who is moving from a four bedroom house into a condo who needs furniture to disappear fast. The first time home buyer who is moving out of an apartment into a house with not much more then a bed. While you can sell it yourself this is not  always convenient if you are working and have no time. You also may not be comfortable with giving out your address and dealing with those that haggle on price.  Having a garage … (12 comments)

sioux falls local businesses: Raw Milk Is Available In Sioux Falls SD. Do You Raw Moo? - 12/14/11 06:02 AM
  Do you drink raw milk? I have been for four years now and I don't intend to stop. Raw milk is just milk straight from the cow. Conventional milk is pasteurized, homogenized and comes from cows injected with hormones and antibiotics. Conventional dairy cows are also fed a grain based diet to up their milk production.  Pasteurization warms the milk to a temperature that kills bacteria but which also kills good enzymes in the milk as well. Homogenization puts the milk in a centrifuge and spins it to permanently mix the fat globules in the rest of the milk. Hormones … (13 comments)

sioux falls local businesses: Sioux Falls Christmas Trees. Baumgartner's Trees and Landscaping..The Best Place To Go! - 12/03/11 10:36 AM

A Christmas tradition at our house every year is to get a real tree. I have tried every variety known to man over the years. From Scotch Pines, to Douglas Firs to White Firs to Fraser Firs I have gave them a go. What I have found is that a Fraser Fir is the only tree for me.          With the superb needle retention and a scent that is not overpowering it has been our Christmas tree of choice for years. Our other Christmas tradition has been to get our tree from Baumgartner Trees and Landscaping Inc. They are conveniently … (24 comments)

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