WHAT'S YOUR SIGN? WHAT'S YOUR SIGN? No this isn't a pick up line from the 70's.  This is my answer to the ActiveRain/Kodak challenge.    My broker has very set ideas about what type of signs we use.  He likes uniformity, meaning signs, flyers and other advertising must be color coordinated with o...
LET'S TAKE A FLYER. LET'S TAKE A FLYER.  No I don't mean let actually take a flyer.  I am writing about the ActiveRain/Kodak flyer challenge.   I consider use of flyers an important marketing tool.  Flyer boxes attached to the sign post are kept well stocked with flyers.  Neighbors, people walkin...
EARTH DAY IN ALAMEDA, CA   EARTH DAY IN ALAMEDA, CA  Alameda's Earth Day celebration was held at Washington Park.  The weather was beautiful, kids were having fun and the music was loud and good(I guess).  All in all, it was a wonderful day to celebrate the Earth and maybe think about a few thing...
OAKLAND MUSEUM OF CALIFORNIA     OAKLAND MUSEUM OF CALIFORNIA.  Its a hidden treasure in Oakland.  Located near Lake Merritt the Museum is a wonderful illustration of the diversity and charm of the State of California.  When it was built it was hailed as a museum that serves as a vibrant urban pa...
VICKIE NAGY - TELEVISION STAR   Vickie Nagy - Television Star.  I turned on the TV this evening to find out if the government was shutting down.  A commentator was talking about the distress local federal worker were experiencing waiting for Congress and the President to act so that there would n...

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