ALAMEDA CITY PARKS - FRANKLIN PARK   ALAMEDA CITY PARKS - FRANKLIN PARK  Franklin Park is the fifth oldest park in Alameda.  It is located in the "Gold Coast" and was opened in 1920.  It is a small park, about about 2.98 acres, compared to other Alameda parks but a very popular park in a lovely r...
HISTORIC ALAMEDA NEIGHBORHOODS - NOBLE AVENUE   HISTORIC ALAMEDA NEIGHBORHOODS - NOBLE AVENUE.  Alameda has many historic neighborhoods.  Noble Avenue is one of those neighborhoods.  George Noble was the foremost bungalow builder in Alameda who built these homes.  The street is named for him.  No...
DISASTER SERVICE WORKERS SWEARING-IN     DISASTER SERVICE WORKERS SWEARING-IN  Thirty three new Disaster Service Workers(DSW) were sworn in on Thursday, May 26, at Alameda.   Each DSW had completed a 5 weeks of classes .  The classes included  Personal Preparedness and Hazard Mitigation, Disaster...
  EYE ON THE BAY - CITY OF ALAMEDA ON CAMERA   EYE ON THE BAY - CITY OF ALAMEDA ON CAMERA. Last Thursday a local CBS (KPIX) affiliate broadcasted a program all about my city, Alameda.  It was very good and entertaining and packed with a lot of information about Alameda in a half hour show.       ...
BOOST! LEADERSHIP IN ALAMEDA   BOOST! LEADERSHIP IN ALAMEDA  is an Alameda program which utilizes peer leadership to emphasize role-modeling, being responsible for your actions, solving conflicts properly, playing fair and having fun together.  There are about 90 kids participating as leaders at ...
  WHY WON'T MY CLIENT SELL HIS MOTHER'S HOUSE  A client whom I have spoken with about selling his mother's house for over a year told me recently he might be ready to start clearing the house soon.  The house had been in a trust and all the documents and and deed's needed to transfer the house f...
REAL ESTATE IS CHANGING ARE YOU KEEPING UP   REAL ESTATE IS CHANGING ARE YOU KEEPING UP  Real estate has changed more in the last 10 years than in the previous 20 years.  Technology has provided the public with more information and more options than ever before.  Technology, including the interne...
  WASHINGTON PARK ALAMEDA PARKS   WASHINGTON PARK ALAMEDA PARKS  The original site of Washington park was a pristine oak grove bordered by a white sand beach, it was the third park purchased by the city in 1909.  The park site was 4.5 acres and originally owned by William H. Taylor.  After his de...
PG&E GAS LINES - DISCLOSE OR ADVISE?   PG&E GAS LINES - DISCLOSE OR ADVIS?  On September 9, 2010, a catastrophe occurred in San Bruno, California.  Underground PG&E natural gas pipelines ruptured causing a huge fire.    The disaster caused the death of eight people and $38 million in damage to ho...
COLLAGE CONTEST   COLLAGE CONTEST  I love ActiveRain.  I have been seriously blogging since February, 2011 but have been a member since 2008.  I was invited by a friend and colleague, Pacita Dimacali.   She is the number one Rainer in Alameda County and has been blogging ever since she started on...

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