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A big issue for most first time home buyers is being overwhelmed.  Here are some ways to help keep the first time home buying process manageable: 1. Ask your agent to send you the lisings BEFORE you go out together.  MANY homes I was able to eliminate from my list just by driving by.  The locatio...
First, Congratulations on wanting to buy your first new home! NOW, is definately the time! This is not only an exciting time but a stressful one as well.  Here are some tips to help you through the process: 1.  Ask questions. Ask questions of everyone you can find.  I mean EVERYONE! Chances are, ...
I have created the GREATEST (if I do say so myself) Buyer/Seller checklists.  They allow your buyer/seller to follow the process.  What is suppose to happen? Who is suppose to do it? Why it is happening?  When should it be done?   It also gives ALL parties involved the inside scoop on what questi...
That statement is just simply not true! I can't tell you the last loan application that I took that a borrower did NOT qualify.  I'm sure there was one but it is definately not the norm.  I dare you to ask 5 people today, "Could you qualify for a mortgage if you applied today?" If they say "No." ...
Here are some highlights from the recent member survey from NAR: (read the full article here  --->) These were among the ones that surprised me: The typical NAR member has 12 years of experience; ...
Ok I just want to publicly apologize to my new neighbors... I am sorry new neighbors!  AND publicly THANK Steve from Bulls Eye Pest Control... Thank you Steve! I had to call the Scottsdale Fire Department to my neighborhood TWICE and Steve refused to leave me!  Let me explain: I closed on my new ...
Ugh. Condo's.  I don't want to be a big downer on condo's but... here it comes.  Specifically to Arizona, condo's are increasingly more and more difficult to lend on.  There are several reasons for this but primarily the lenders make a distinction between whether the condominium project is warran...
This is a great tutorial on the comparison of renting -vs- home ownership! I appreciate your feedback! Having a dream is good, owning one is better!

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