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Here's an update to an earlier post about Top Producer not having their mobile-friendly theme ready...well, it's ready and I have to admit, I'm thoroughly disappointed.They create a second website with less features available than their original platform. No more quick search available for the ho...
I heard back from IDX Broker yesterday and wanted to share what they said about the widgets not having automatic updates.  You can read my original post here. From IDX Broker ..."We don’t auto update widget for clients as any CSS applied may not be compatible with a new version of a widget thus c...
I recently posted about my frustration with the widget updates in IDX Broker Platinum - well, here's an example.  I recently finished a WordPress website for a client who uses IDX Broker Platinum. She also has a Point2 Agent website that I just got started with ... I got back into IDX Broker Plat...
I have a client who signed up in April to have me work on her Top Producer website using one of their "new" responsive (mobile-friendly) themes.  I logged into her site, and went to the area to switch the theme over to the new mobile-friendly theme choices.  It really is just one theme with 12 di...
I've just had to email IDX Broker regarding the "last straw" with their widget updates.  When they have an update to the showcases or carousels, or even slideshows, they expect the client to "redo" that widget in order to "take advantage" of the latest update. From a designer's perspective, imagi...
I know a lot of you already have multiple sidebars in your sites, so this is for those who have a WordPress website that are using the default or "primary" sidebar throughout their website and would like to add more sidebar options. There's a few plugins I'm going to talk about so you can have th...
 The Department of Homeland Security and a top cybersecurity firm have advised Windows PC users to uninstall Apple's Quicktime video player immediately after two new bugs were found in the software. In a blog post published Thursday, the Trend Micro security firm said that Apple was no longer iss...
WordPress 4.2 – aka Powell – rolled off the production line back in April with a number of new features.  This included removing the functionality of the link title attribute in the WP link editor. For full article about the 4.2 update, click here. Since WordPress no longer supports their title f...
So many themes to choose from out there for WordPress...it can be daunting finding one that really "fits" - you wanted to do one thing, but just couldn't, or it's too customizable and we're not all developers. Themes for real estate, themes for this industry and that... All I want in a WordPress ...
As I was working on a website using an IDX plugin, I was noticing that the slideshows and showcases were really "off" - after further investigation, I found it was photos that were entered into the MLS that were portrait vs landscape...and really tall at that. The global height for all the listin...

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