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For those of you who have this plugin, along with an IDX plugin, 100% of the time when I've had problems with the plugin for IDX Broker or Diverse Solutions, SEO Smart Links is the culprit.  Deactivate that and you'll be good to go!! I've also found SEO Smart Links not so friendly when I'm workin...
ScvAgent.com HamptonParkHomes.com I'm so sorry to just cram these into one post!!!  I've been slammed...and lovin' every minute of it!!!  But it definitely "hinders" my own website upkeep!!  Hope you like.
I have a client who really wants Gill Sans in her new website.  And I just want to share this... It's a bad idea to attempt to use fonts that are unlikely to be found on other people's computers.  Gill Sans is more of a "mac" based font so it's not something that's common to every computer.  That...
For those of you who are using your WordPress as a website and are using a static page as the home page, there is a way to remove the title that shows up through manipulating your theme's functions.php file. Open Notepad and bring in the functions.php file from your WordPress theme. In the functi...
   I have clients that just don't blog.  Yes, we all know the "ideal" situation is to blog so it feeds and enters you into the viral marketing sphere!  However, when you really just aren't a blogger, what do you do?    How do you get anything to "feed"?   Here's How: 1) There are "tab" applicatio...

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