home inspection tips: Home Inspections Are Vital! - 07/13/11 10:11 AM
Home inspections are vital to any purchase! I don't care if it is a bank owned property or one that looks like it is in PERFECT condition, nothing can replace having a PROFESSIONAL home inspection.

A perfect example is a home that was inspected recently for a client of mine. It is a beautiful home and looks like you could move right in. It needs a little paint here and there but nothing major.
The home inspector sure surprised us! We were all amazed to find out that critters had taken up residence in the attic! The owner had moved … (3 comments)

home inspection tips: Does Your Chimney Play Cricket? - 06/10/11 11:52 AM
If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times: Nothing can replace a good home inspection! There is so much that needs to be checked and so many things that most of us know little or nothing about!
Ever heard of a chimney cricket?  Does your chimney have one?  If it is at the bottom of a sloping roof and 30" wide or more it should have one.  In my opinion, even if it is less than 30" wide it should have at least a small one.

What's a cricket?  This is a … (5 comments)

home inspection tips: This Would Be A Home Inspector's Nightmare - 06/03/11 09:47 AM
This would indeed be a home inspector's nightmare, having to do a home inspection on a building that was originally built in 1530! Imagine all of the things you might discover crawling around in this place!

This unique structure was at one time part of the town wall in Geislingen an der Steige, Germany. It is the town that the father of my two children grew up in and I have many wonderful memories of times there. We actually lived there for a few months, with Herbert's parents, after he graduated from engineering school.
After living in a town with such a … (10 comments)

home inspection tips: A Roof Deck with a View! - 06/01/11 10:28 AM

Now here is something once again that I would have NEVER thought of......you look at the photo and see a beautiful roof deck. What you don't see and probably don't even think of is the fact that you have no way to check that roof which is now UNDER that beautiful roof deck!
Read Charles' article which will introduce you to a whole new way of looking at roof decks!
I am no big fan of flat roofs.In dense cities, designers and builders wrestling with height restrictions will often opt of flat roofs in order to gain another floor level … (0 comments)

home inspection tips: Hardie Plank is Not Bullet Proof - 06/01/11 10:18 AM

Years ago I was on the HOA board in the townhome community I was living in. We had a lawsuit against the builder for defective siding and voted to install Hardie Board since we were under the impression that it was practically indestructible.
Well, I ran across Steve's post today and found out that even Hardie Board will fall apart if not properly installed.............the things you can learn from a home inspector!!!
Many times I have had builders argue that, since the siding they installed was cement-based, it was not necessary to put a flashing, and to establish an appropriate gap, between the siding … (4 comments)

home inspection tips: When Problems Are Hidden - 06/01/11 07:50 AM

If you would like a lesson on how to spot KILZ being used to hide moisture spots, you really need to read Jay's blog! As he always does, Jay provides proof once again that nothing can replace a good home inspection before you purchase!
One thing I do on every inspection, because I have long arms and reach eight feet, is raise my flashlight up parallel to ceiling height and see what I can see in the drywall.  Any previous repair will be revealed, unless they are as good as I am at doing drywall...  (yes, that was a bit … (4 comments)

home inspection tips: It Is Termite Swarming Season - 05/31/11 02:53 AM
It is termite swarming season again and also time to have the name of a good pest control company near your phone. While these little critters may be coming in from outside because the evening light attracts them, you don't want to take any chances!
Once they get inside your home, they will fly around, usually to the brightest light in the house, and shortly thereafter, they drop their wings.
If you see those transparent wings laying around, you have termites! They drop their wings and then the larve head right for some tasty wood! It might be the home itself … (4 comments)

home inspection tips: When An HVAC Register Blows No Air - 05/30/11 07:47 AM

Thinking of purchasing and not doing a home inspection? Think again! What, it is a flip and has lots of upgrades? Well, it STILL need a GOOD home inspection!
If you don't understand why, read what Jay has to say about something as simple as the HVAC register. If they can't do this correctly, what else did they mess up???
Nothing unusual on a flip to find a new heating and air conditioning system.  And such a new system often has new duct work as well.  Such was the case in this house.
So, in this bathroom ceiling, I saw … (2 comments)

home inspection tips: The Overflow Valve MUST Be Checked! - 05/23/11 09:43 AM
Jay is at it again.........especially in homes that were 'flipped', don't forget that all things must be checked and that includes the overflow valve in the tub.
I mentioned to Jay that years ago I had a girlfriend whose son constantly put tissue paper in the sink and bathtub overflow drains.............he lived to become an adult, perhaps because I wasn't his mom! My girlfriend had a lot more patience then I would have shown with that one!!!!
When I am on new construction inspections I always check the overflow valve on bathtubs.  Especially when I am in a … (4 comments)

home inspection tips: Should You Rely On The Sellers' Pre Inspection? - 05/18/11 01:39 AM

While we don't have Jay Markanich down here in the Tampa Bay area to do our home inspections, we DO have some wonderful home inspectors! Having a home inspection done with ANY purchase is vital! Having a great home inspector do the work is also VITAL!
Buying a house without a home inspection is only asking for problems down the road as Pat tells us in her story. Just one more of the dozens of stories I hear all the time about people purchasing and NOT having their OWN home inspection done before getting that dream home!
When you … (3 comments)

home inspection tips: The Fabled Tankless Water Heater - 05/15/11 06:06 AM

I have a client that reads all of my blog posts and was recently asking me about water heaters, so just for you, I am reblogging this post from Jay. The best place to get water heater information from is a top-notch home inspector!
I have also heard about all the money tankless water heaters save, so this is especially interesting!
My water heater is over 13 years old.  How much longer will it last?  If I was my own home inspection client I would say to myself, "This water heater will last another month or another 10 years.  … (2 comments)

home inspection tips: Electricity Is Resistant To Rust - 05/14/11 09:04 AM

Hummm......rust on a panel box..........I think that would indeed be a bit of a problem! Rust makes me think of water and somehow I seem to remember from school that water and electricity are NOT a good combination. I think it was the DON'T USE THE HAIRDRYER IN THE BATHTUB thing that got my attention the most!
Anyway, as always, Jay is always on the lookout for great blogging ideas when he is out inspecting homes and this post is no exception! Read on:
The electricity in a house comes and goes.  It arrives, happily flows around the house, … (2 comments)

home inspection tips: The Dangers Of Kit Decks - 05/13/11 02:41 AM

Thinking of purchasing a home that has a deck? Down here in Florida, many homes have decks. Did you ever wonder if it was made properly? Supported properly??? \
Once again, Jay provides a great post on decks from a home inspectors prospective:
One of my bugaboos as a home inspector is deck installation.  Or decks in general.  So often installation is incorrect.  And among decks, my least favorite are the kit decks.
What are kit decks?  These are decks that are picked out of a catalog at a hardware store or design center.  They offer different designs, with decks that … (0 comments)

home inspection tips: Squirrels In An Attic Are A Danger! - 05/13/11 02:37 AM

Once again, Jay brings us a great post! Only a home inspector would be up in the attic looking around and what he might find can be dangerous since squirrels, raccoons and rats all love to chew! Your electrical wiring can be in danger!
Thanks for this important post, Jay!!!
I have had squirrels in my attic before, and they were hard to get rid of.  A Havahart trap from the local farm supply center worked great, along with some apple and peanut butter bait, and they were finally removed.  I took them to the Manassas Battlefield Park and let them … (0 comments)

home inspection tips: All Dressed Up And No Where To Go - Vinyl Siding Over A Brick Chimney! - 05/10/11 02:42 AM
I really love reading Jay's blogs and learning from them! Just one more thing I never thought about and why a great home inspection with a top notch home inspector is vital to your purchase!!!
I have to admit, I have never seen vinyl siding over a brick chimney before.  And this is a flip (which you have met before) and as such anything that covers something else leads me to wonder.  Is this lipstick on a pig?
Some things bother me:
1.  The inside of the firebox and as much of the flue I could see was full, … (2 comments)

home inspection tips: Home Inspections In The Rain - 04/21/11 01:20 AM

Jay wrote another great post and this one about why it is a GREAT idea to do the home inspection on a rainy day! Especially older homes but in truth ANY home can have problems that only show up in a downpour!
Sometimes people will call me to ask if our scheduled home inspection should be canceled because it's a rainy day.  Of course I say NO!  When it's raining and water is flowing, on, off and around a house, you can see things not otherwise manifest!
Take this house for instance.  When I got there it had been raining all … (4 comments)

home inspection tips: The Importance Of Home Inspections - 04/20/11 02:02 AM
Having a home inspection is something that you should consider a MUST! I cannot over emphasize the importance of having a home inspection! Even if you think you know the house well and can tackle any repairs on your own, you want to be sure you know WHAT you are getting!
The home inspector comes with tools that you do not normally have at your disposal. The inspector can check for mold that may be behind walls that you cannot possibly know about without having the proper equipment. There is an enormous list of things that could be wrong with the … (5 comments)

home inspection tips: Inspect-O-Graff Home Inspections And More! - 04/19/11 02:27 AM
Inspect-O-Graff Home Inspections is my personal favorite home inspection service! I have worked with Steve Graff and his wife Sheri for several years and every one of my clients that has used Steve has always been extremely pleased with his work.
Beside doing home inspections, Steve can do the Four Point and wind mitigation inspections for insurance companies as well as the WDO inspections (wood destroying organism) inspection. Steve is also a licensed Florida Residential Contractor so he will find things that not every home inspector is likely to find! That is one important plus when choosing your home inspector!
Steve is a … (2 comments)

home inspection tips: Inspect-O-Graff For Your Home Inspections - 02/02/11 08:07 AM
Steve Graff with Inspect-O-Graff Home Inspections does an excellent job! I have worked with Steve for several years now and have always been pleased with the wonderful job he does and how he finds all of those issues you, as the buyer's agent, want to be discovered!

Here Steve is on the roof checking out that section of the home inspection. He also does the termite inspection so you can get everything done with one person. This saves time AND money!!!! And if you need a wind mitigation inspection, Steve is your man for that too!

Nothing can replace … (4 comments)

home inspection tips: How Tight Is Too Tight? - 01/06/11 10:24 AM

I think everyone needs to read this blog post that Jay has provided! So many homes have the wrong type of wiring used on the exterior and wires stapled incorrectly. Playing with electricity like that is NOT a good idea! Read on:
Be a home inspector and look at this photo and tell me everything you see that you think is a problem:

1.  It is in a vulnerable place, and outdoors.
2.  It is a cable not made for an outdoor application.
3.  Hard to tell in this photo, it is not a grounded cable.
4.  … (2 comments)

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