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MarchTGIM (Thank God It’s March) BY: Fred Duemig ©   Week 1: Remove drain traps under sinks and clean them thoroughly. Clean pop-up drain plugs. Inspect the linkage for pop-up drains to make sure they are set properly.                                    Week 2: Check the basement for cracks or l...
    FEBRUARYWINTER BLUES BY: Fred Duemig © Week 1: Call and get estimates for major projects you plan for later in the year. Check and clean grout between tiles in kitchen and bath.                                                                                Week 2: Inspect the roof from the gr...
  April Readying The Yard   Planting/Gardening BY: Fred Duemig ©   Week 1: Clear yard of downed tree branches and debris. Leaving these items on your lawn will kill the grass and may cause other damage as well. The earlier you clear branches, leaves, and other debris the healthier your lawn will ...
FEBRUARYWINTER BLUESBY: Fred Duemig ©Week 1: Call and get estimates for major projects you plan for later in the year. Check and clean grout between tiles in kitchen and bath.Week 2: Inspect the roof from the ground, looking for missing, loose or damaged roofing materials. If accessible, check th...
Better Late Than Never !! :) JANUARYANOTHER YEARBY: Fred Duemig ©Week 1: Holiday decorations have to come down sooner or later. Service lights for next year before packing away. Be sure to wrap breakables in newspaper and store in sturdy boxes or totes.  Do end of year accounting, set up folder f...
DECEMBERHOLIDAYSHOLIDAY SAFETYBY: Fred Duemig ©Week 1: Check gauges on home fire extinguishers to ensure a full charge. Replace if necessary. Clean dishwasher, trash compactor and countertop appliances.Week 2: A Christmas Tree should not loose green needles when tapped on the ground; cut 1" off t...
NOVEMBERWinterizationFreeze ProtectionBY: Fred Duemig ©Tips of the wek for November.Week 1: Service snow blowers and snow removal equipment. Have sprinkler system winterized.Week 2: Install storm windows - stow away patio and lawn furnitureWeek 3: Clean and vacuum dust from vents, baseboard heate...
Dog DaysHot Fun in The Summer BY: Fred Duemig ©  Week 1: Check the operation of all ground-fault circuit interrupter outlets by pushing the "test" button. The "reset" button should pop out, indicating the receptacle is operating properly. Press in the reset button. Change or clean air conditioner...
Vacation Plans Travel Safety – Home Security BY: Fred Duemig © Week 1: Inspect the operation of automatic timers and motion detection systems, especially if planning a vacation.  Week 2: Repair or replace damaged window and door screens. Caulk open and cracked joints, particularly around windows ...
With all the rain and wet weather I thought this article, "Keep Your Basement Dry", would be of interest to people in the northeast. It was written by "Mr. Fix-It", Tom Feiza, a PE, Home Inspector and repair consultant. It has many excellent suggestions and is a good learning tool especially for ...

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