donna foerster: Throwback Thursday: Men at Work - 08/25/16 11:42 AM
Throwback Thursday: Men at Work
I shared this photo a few years back when it was originally taken. Our son (on the ladder) and his family had just moved in to a new house and they were hanging curtains in their family room. Grandpa (in the background) and our youngest (at the time) grandson lent a helping hand.
Three generations of "Men at Work". Never saw it before (in our family) and will probably never see it again! It's a cherished memory!
Throwback Thursday: Men at Work

donna foerster: Do You Have a Bee in Your Bonnet? - 08/23/16 12:26 PM
Do You Have a Bee in Your Bonnet?
Every once in a while I get an idea in my head and I have to act on it right then and there. It doesn't matter if it wasn't planned for that day, or any day for that matter. It doesn't matter that I have other things I should be doing. I just get this idea and I need to do it NOW!
I'm having one of those moments. I just decided that I need to clean out the filing cabinet where we store our office supplies. You know the stuff I'm talking, binder … (13 comments)

donna foerster: Serendipity Sunday: Happy Memories - 08/21/16 03:55 PM
Serendipity Sunday: Happy Memories
I've been scrolling through some old posts and I came across one from September of 2010, Sweet Childhood Memories. (Maybe you commented on it! LOL!) It was fun to remember great times and to share the with you. I thought I would think back once again to some fond memories of my teenage years in New Jersey. (My mom, sister and her family live there still.)
Here are the top FIVE!
5. Going roller skating with a group of girlfiends. Dad would drop us off and then pick us up later.
4. Attending the monthly school dance. Girls huddled on one side … (11 comments)

donna foerster: Should I Worry About the Buyer's Inspection? - 08/21/16 01:36 PM
Oh No! What did they find on inspection?
If you have never sold a home before (First Time Seller) or it's been 15+ years since you sold a home, the Home Inspection process might be a little bit scary. So many questions pop in to your head. What am I supposed to do to get ready? Is this going to be trouble for me? How much will it cost? What are they going to find?
What am I supposed to do to get ready?
Keep in mind the Home Inspector is going to inspect the entire house and anything that comes with it. That … (3 comments)

donna foerster: Thankful Thursday: Productive Meetings - 08/18/16 07:46 PM
Thankful Thursday: Productive Meetings
One of my pet peeves is meeting for the sake of meeting. If I'm going to take time out of my day to meet, I want it to be productive time. I not only had ONE productive meeting this week I had several. Joy!
Thank you to the folks I met with this week that stayed on topic or task, offered good suggestions, engaged in the discussion and who respected our time together!
Now I have followup work from each of those meetings and that's ok because I know that people I met with are invested in the success of … (4 comments)

donna foerster: I've Made a Discovery! - 08/17/16 08:45 PM
I've Made a Discovery!
I am working hard to get re-engaged in the Rain. What does that mean? Well, for me that means blogging (of course). It also means commenting and reconnecting with other members and making NEW friends. It also means participating in the contests. (I can't believe we have FIVE this month.)
While I've been blogging, commenting and participating, I have also had the opportunity to find something new! The Q&A section! Well, I don't actually think it's new, but it's new to me.
It's a great place to ask questions (probably why it's called Q&A) and find out what other agents … (27 comments)

donna foerster: Motivational Monday: Source of Happiness - 08/14/16 09:09 PM
Motivational Monday: Source of Happiness
"The greatest source of happiness is the ability to be grateful at all times." -Zig Ziglar
When we focus on the positive in the world around us, we feel happy and hopeful. A good way to generate that positive vibe is to have an attitude of gratitude.
I believe the law of attraction truly works. When you think about things in your life that make you happy or joyful, things that you are thankful to have, you attract more of those things and feelings. 
As my good friend says, "what you think about, you bring about". So whistle while you … (16 comments)

donna foerster: Motivational Monday: What Are You Counting? - 08/14/16 09:00 PM
Motivational Monday: What Are You Counting?
I'm one of those people that likes to keep a list of things that need to be done. I used to keep a hard copy list in my planner. I even ranked the importance of each item. "A" was the most important, then "B" and so on. I got great pleasure in checking items off my list.
As we progressed in to the digital age, I began to use an app on my phone to keep my list. I was still able to check things off, however the app I used (and still use) didn't give me … (8 comments)

donna foerster: Things To Do in Parker, CO: PACE Center Patio Party - 08/14/16 06:37 PM
Things To Do in Parker, CO: PACE Center Patio Party
Throughout the Summer months, the Parker Arts, Culture & Events (PACE) Center hosts monthly patio parties. What is a patio party and when are they? I'm glad you asked! A patio party is a FREE concert on the patio at the PACE Center. (Makes senses, huh?) You can bring your own chair (seating is very limited without your own chair) and you can bring your own food, water and soft drinks but NO alcohol. You can however purchase alcohol at the venue. Food is also available for purchase.
The parties are held on … (2 comments)

donna foerster: Serendipity Sunday: The Renaissance Festival 2016 - 08/14/16 05:49 PM
Serendipity Sunday: The Renaissance Festival 2016
Last Sunday we visited The Renaissance Festival for the first time. We've lived here since 1991 and this is the first time we went! The only reason we went was because I won 2 tickets! The festival opens at 10am and closes at 6:30pm. Well, I wasn't sure if we would like it, so we decided to go for a few hours late on Sunday afternoon. Boy were we wrong!
We had a fabulous time and wished we had planned the whole day. Now we'll know better for our next visit! While we were there we enjoyed … (12 comments)

donna foerster: Pick Me! I'll Volunteer! - 08/11/16 07:15 PM
Pick Me! I'll Volunteer!
I'm one of those people who raises their hand for EVERYTHING! Need someone to roll breakfast burritoes for local first responders? I'll do it! Need someone to serve lunch at the Senior Center? My pleasure! Need someone to make phone calls about the upcoming lunch? Where's the list of  phone numbers?
Early last year I realized I was over committed. I was doing too much and spreading myself too thin. I resigned from some of the organizations I was involved with and decided to focus on a few things that I felt passionate about. 
What's left on my plate?
The Alzheimer's … (17 comments)

donna foerster: Does Your Blog Engage the Public? - 08/11/16 06:21 PM
Does Your Blog Engage the Public?
Many of the posts I wrote as a beginning blogger were written for other ActiveRain members. Folks read them and commented, but will anyone (besides me) ever look at the again?? Not likely.
I started blogging in 2009. It wasn't until 2011 that I started realizing the value of localism posts. Many of these were time sensitive, so not exactly Evergreen, but they do provide content to demonstrate that I know my local area. Valuable? Yes!
In 2012, I continued posting local events and activities. I also started sharing HUD listings. This was very powerful and made the … (11 comments)

donna foerster: Tagawa Garden, Centennial, CO: June 2016 - 05/10/16 03:22 PM
Tagawa Garden, Centennial, CO: June 2016
June has a focus on attracting birds and wildlife, perennials and herbs. Turn your landscape in to a haven for friendly creatures or take some time to learn about the uses of herbs for health and well-being. Don't miss out on exploring the newly reclaimed floodplain of Cherry Creek on June 5th!
Here is a quick list of June education and events and a sneak peek at what's ahead in June, July, August and September!  For more information, please visit the Tagawa Gardens website.
Creating a Perennial Habitat for Birds & Hummingbirds
Saturday, June 4; 10-11am
Shade Perennials and Shrubs
Saturday, June 4; 12-1pm
The … (7 comments)

donna foerster: Tagawa Garden, Centennial, CO: May 2016 - 05/10/16 12:53 PM
Tagawa Garden, Centennial, CO: May 2016
May is a very busy month at Tagawa Gardens, starting with Mother's Day weekend! Don't worry, if you missed the Annual "Cat's Meow" Hanging Basket Sale, there's much more fun to be had this month! Check the schedule, then check your calendar and make Tagawa part of you Spring!
Here is a quick list of May education and events, and a quick peek at what will be offered in June. For more information, please visit the Tagawa Gardens website.
Interactive Perennial Gardening Demo (offered 3 times in May)
Friday, May 13, 11am-1pm
Growing a Cut Flower Garden
Saturday, May 14, 1-2pm
Interactive Perennial Gardening Demo
Sunday, May … (0 comments)

donna foerster: Things to do in Parker, CO: 2016 Senior Stroll - 05/10/16 12:03 PM
Things to do in Parker, CO: 2016 Senior Stroll
No, I'm not talking about High School seniors! I'm talking about seasoned adults! What better time of year to get outside, then a beautiful day in May?
Join your community for a day of exercise and socializing! This a FREE event and it features a one-mile "fun run" or walk on the paved Cherry Creek trail, followed by breakfast and prize giveaways! I'll be there, will you?
What: 8th Annual Senior Stroll, hosted by Parker Parks and Recreation and sponsorted by Hearing Rehab Center and Life Care Center of Stonegate
When: Wednesday, May 25 at 10am
Where: … (6 comments)

donna foerster: Alzheimer's Association Speakers' Bureau - 03/07/16 03:17 PM
Alzheimer's Association Speakers' Bureau
Today I attended a training session at the Colorado Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. I am preparing to become a member of the team of volunteers that make up the Speaker's Bureau. These folks go out in the community and speak to various organizations, groups and the general public to educate them on various topics in regards to Alzheimer's Disease. Some of these topics include: the Basics, 10 Warning Signs, Communication, Behaviors, Healthy Living and the Stages of the Disease.
We started with the Basics of Memory Loss, Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. There is much to learn and then … (0 comments)

donna foerster: Will Blog To Educate - 03/02/16 09:44 AM
 Will Blog To Educate
I have found that I practice 2 types of blogging. Maybe you do too. One is planned and the other is organic. I'll explain.
Planned Blogging
Generally I have a plan for blogging. I have a topic or "category" that I want to write about and a frequency for getting it done. For example, I've been writing monthly posts about local events. I'll continue to do this once month. That's my PLAN!
Organic Blogging
The second type of blogging is something I call "organic" blogging. It's my favorite! This could happen while working with a client. Something happens that would make a … (54 comments)

donna foerster: What's New In Parker? - 03/01/16 11:32 AM
What's New In Parker?
Want to be in the Know?
It's Easy!
I live, work, play, eat, shop and exercise in Parker! I've lived here for close to 20 years and I love it. I also like to know what's going on in Parker. There's a good deal of new construction near Costco. First to the finish is Gander Mountain. Next we'll have a new Car Wash and Boondocks .
How do I know what's happening? I'm connecting and involved! How do you take advantage of the flow of information? It's easy. Here's a list of the most common ways:
Contact the Mayor or Town Council
Mail: 20120 … (5 comments)

donna foerster: Tagawa Gardens, Centennial, CO: March and April 2016 - 03/01/16 10:53 AM
Tagawa Gardens, Centennial, CO: March and April 2016
Tagawa Gardens is a local nursery and garden store offering plants, trees, shrubs flowers, gardening supplies, gifts, and so much more! What I like best about Tagawa Gardens are the local experts available to answer the tough questions! They also have classes, community outreach and fun events throughout the year.
Less than 3 weeks until the first day of Spring! Time to make a plan for your gardens and landscape.
I'd really like to have a vegetable garden-fresh picked tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, peppers and squash. It would be wonderful to cook with fresh items from our own backyard. … (0 comments)

donna foerster: Announcing Denver Area FREE Days: March and April 2016 - 03/01/16 10:03 AM
Announcing Denver Area FREE Days: March and April 2016
What are you doing with your free time? Of course, there are chores to be done, and maybe there's some errands that need your attention. You might have a home remodeling project, or you could be driving your kids all over town for their activities.
When was the last time you visited a museum? Check out the FREE Days listed below and plan your next adventure!
(For more information, please click on the links provided.)
Denver Zoo (2300 Steele Street)

*No FREE days until November*
Denver Museum of Nature & Science (2001 Colorado Blvd)
Monday, March 7
Sunday, April 10
Saturday, April 23
Denver … (0 comments)

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