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MSNBC is reporting that O. J. Simpson's book " If I  Did It " rose to the #2 spot on the New York Times best selling list ahead of Bill Clinton's book on the importance of giving back, " Giving ".  And every time we see Simpson in the news all I hear is people saying how sick they are of O. J.  Y...
Listening to the morning stock report and the discussion involved the market effects and the housing stocks.  Of course, they pointed out the sharp decline .  Mormally, during a decline in new home sales people spent heavily in fixing up existing homes.  The Lowes CEO said for the first time in h...
Just returned from a seminar featuring nationally known writer and real estate trainor Ralph Roberts.  During the presentation one of his funny stories was about a husband whose wife had her American Express card stolen.     " But the thief was spending less than his wife so he decided not to rep...
This just in...watching CNN and they covered the announcement that the Fed has cut the prime rate by .5 % to 4.75%.  Part of the equation was the looming $ 50 Billion in ARMs due to reset in the next month.  The bond market was expected to react quickly to the greater than expected rate reduction...
Hope all of you had a great wekend !  Over the last several weeks I had several " Honey do,,, "  things to get done around our house.  The kind of things guys want to do ouirselves rather than call a professional and spend a lot of money, those kinds of things.  In the course of getting several o...
I read posts about several basic issues confronting us all:     *  Are " Open Houses " worth it ?     *  How should we be advertising ?     *  What is the most effective form of marketing ?     *  When will the market rebound ?I suggest there is a more basic underlying question.  That is: Is ther...
Well, I stop working on my " Honey do..." list to check my emails and such.  This one jumps out at me pretty good !   It is written in the same style as many of the scams going around.  Anyone else getting them ?ATTENTION:I am very Very sorry for you, is a pity that this is how your life is going...
You may have seen on one of the major news shows a review of Whoopie Goldberg's defense of Michael Vick.  It took place on " The View " where Whoopie is a host.  Seems she felt that because dog fighting is soooo common in the " South " that it shouldn't attract so much attention !   Her remarks  ...
Hi all AR folks.  Before I get to the poll I want to wish all of you a terrific and safe weekend.  Now, on to the poll:  I noticed that from time to time people post about sellers being present during a showing.  Poll question: Do you allow your sellers to remain in the listing during a showing ?...

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