New Home Sales In Whatcom County! Wow that is pretty clear. Depending on your point of view, we should be building a lot more homes!  If you want a new home, now is the time to buy it!   
We don't need to be reminded about bad markets. We all lived them only too recently.  High inventory, few buyers, dysfunctional lending, dropping prices etc.  Now many of us are seeing the other side.  Today in Whatcom County folks will say to us, "Wow what a great market! I hear prices are up an...
Think about your "long game" in real estate investing!In a market where homes sell in a day, we may be tempted to chase a deal or reduce our standards. It is a natural reaction. Stay the course and be consistent. Remember there are fundamentals and if the deal doesn’t fit… move on!  Remember you ...
  Wake up! Time to do something fun!  Rather than look at another beat up, badly managed, or empty building let’s do something new. That triplex lot, that sad empty commercial corner, that undeveloped acreage with great zoning.  Local Counties and Cities are even supporting building more homes an...
RE: Income properties – residential multifamily properties. When someone tells me they are looking for a 10 CAP deal I always cringe. Then I weigh the effort to educate them verses the potential of a deal.  It is almost as tough as explaining why great commercial and multifamily deals in my Count...
The condo market in Bellingham continues in the doldrums this summer.  A snap shot of this market shows what few transactions are occurring are for larger, low priced units.  Quantity over quality is clearly what folks are picking up.   Issues remain in the condo market due to a high number of sh...
I am not kidding on this.  Our client wishes to sell his multifamily and has a deal in hand. We are seeking a $2.5M investment for him and can't find it.  The challenge: Minimum investment $1.9M to $2.5M Seeking AAA ground lease or AAA Single tenant triple net Must be in tax free state - FL, NV, ...
My answer is is a qualified "Yes" (I am using Bellingham WA stats for my analysis - so check your local stats) There is an opportunity resulting from the absence of financing for development land and new residential and multifamily projects.    Like a great storm, a combination of disparate event...
Stock Market verses Real Estate - Right Now! (I first published this blog on June 10th.) Based on events today I thought I should republish it. The logic here is unassailable when applied to a US principal residence.  I have to laugh looking at the assumptions that investments would go up at the ...
Multifamily question of the day! Should I sell now or wait a year or 2? This is a great question.  Multifamily has fared much better than other property types through the last 3-4 year recession.  There many reasons why: steady income, low vacancy rates, and little new construction. Multifamily a...

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