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The California Coastal Trail and Enderts Beach are the place to go when you are looking for a short walk but with big rewards.  You start the walk at the parking lot that is approximately 400 feet above ocean level.  Make sure you bring someone along to carry your chair.  Be sure to read the info...
Handling disappointment is difficult enough when it is our own, but even harder when it is someone we care for...a family member, good friend, or a client we represent in a transaction gone bad.I have clients that are amazed when problems arise during their escrow and we have to renegotiate, writ...
In a previous post, I extolled the virtues of working with buyers.  Since there are a lot of sellers right now, but not a lot is selling, more agents are working with buyers now more than ever.  And what do the Buyer's of this summer market have in common?1.  They are savvy 2.  They know the mark...
Email is one of mans greatest achievments, without a doubt.  Invented by Ray Tomlinson, an MIT grad, in 1971, email has changed the way we communicate.  There are more emails sent everyday than there are phone calls made. We all know the many facets of email that make it a convenient and inexpens...
Surfside Grill and Brewery400 Front StreetCrescent City, CA  95531707-464-7962MAPAcross from beachfront park in Crescent City, you will find the Surfside Grill and Brewery for your lunch and dinner dining pleasure.The bar serves up micro-brewery  beer on tap as well as wine.  A room is available ...
Del Norte County ranks 50 on the Foreclosure Radar for foreclosures in the State of California.  Foreclosure Radar bases their findings on actual foreclosure auctions and ranks the 52 California Counties with number 1 being the worst and 52 being the best.The top 4 California Counties for best fo...
I've been bu-sy today.  I had floor, and that actually went very well, I wrote a post, read my favorite bloggers, showed property, had lunch with husband and daughter and... read Lenn Harley's post on Copyright revisted.If you haven't read it, I suggest you do.  After I read that post, I joined a...
Have you ever said one thing, but the person or people you were speaking to heard something entirely different?  The person receiving your words may have actually heard exactly what you said, but may have interpreted it differently because of the tone in your voice or body language.This happens t...
car·a·van      /ˈkærəˌvæn/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[kar-uh-van] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation noun, verb, -vaned or -vanned, -van·ing or -van·ning. -noun 1.a group of travelers, as merchants or pilgrims, journeying together for safety in passing through deserts,...
Ocean World304 hwy 101 SouthCrescent City, CA  95531707-464-4900OceanWorldOnlineWhen driving through Crescent City, I suggest a stop at Ocean World.  Ocean World has a gift shop filled with interesting items to delight everyone in your family or group.On a recent visit, my daughter purchased eari...

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