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Positive thoughts and ideas about real estate and working through and with this changed market. Experience, education, service and results. That will be your win! Life is too short, enjoy yourself, everyday!



We sell to consumers, we know it is the best investment, over time, that you can make.  How many of us are buying? Do you see the advantages of investing in this market?  Over the last 50 years, the investment return average is 6%.  So, naturally, high market would be more, changing market would ...
You bet!  I have my Coach calling me tomorrow morning at 11 am.  They call on time, everytime.  If you forget, they will find you.  They will call your office, your cell and your home.  Thank Goodness! Don't misunderstand, they are very kind and they are there to serve you.  If I am out and about...
MEMBER LOGIN | HelpHOME WORKING BY REFERRAL COACHING EVENTS TRAINING COMPANY MEMBERS AREA EVENTS Turning Point Retreat Training Camp Referral Workshop MasterMind Summit Leadership Conference Peak Performers Event Schedule What People Are Saying "The Turning Point Retreat is life changing. It help...
Get up early and get yourself going!  Yes, as Brian Buffini told us at the Mastermind Summit in San Diego last week, you must be relentless!  Go after and go after, what you want, what you are dreaming, what you are going to accomplish.  Make a list, then prioritize it!  Focus on that list, look ...
This a site full of ideas and good suggestions for planning your client/family parties.  It was first introduced to me by the local area Woman's Council of Realtors.  They have a monthly meeting and use this site and its tools for attendance, response, reminders and lists of needs for the gatheri...
Have you heard this before?  How do you feel when someone takes their time for you?  Whether in a store, doctor's office, a restaurant, or sitting with your family, time is the one thing that will bring the most value to you.  Children realize it, so do pets.  They will sit and play with you the ...
How good is a hug when you see an old friend?  Yesterday, I was with some my old friends and some of my family members.  When I see my Aunts and Uncles, I feel like a child again. My cousins and I are so much alike! I even remember, one of my Aunt's always having a nice, fast sports car.  She is ...
Here is the perfect time to get out there and get networking with folks you may know, or will know now that school is beginning for the new school year.  Volunteer!  Schools, whether public or private, love to have help!  You can be a behind the scenes volunteer, if you are shy or if your kids wo...
Another good point about attending conferences, is, you do walk, a lot!  I had to tighten up muscles that I didn't even know I had.  You drink the needed water, for me, just to help me keep going!  You are walking and talking, because even if you start off on your own, with five thousand people a...
Here's how they work.  Sometimes the 1st month is offered FREE.  When my daughters were in college, every end of school year, we rented space.  Like ants to a farm, all of the students who lived out of state had to put all that stuff somewhere.  They offered a deal for the exact time off period t...

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