clubnet: College Graduation Time! - 05/17/08 12:16 PM
Yes, it is that time of year.  Colleges are presenting diplomas to their graduating classes.  Our future, our leaders of tomorrow.  It gives you a wonderful feeling when you see the pride and promise of a new graduate.
Today, my Daughter's boyfriend, Josh Foell, graduated college.  CCSU, Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, Ct. The ceremony was held at the Excel Center in downtown Hartford.
It was a beautiful, sunny and warm day here in Connecticut.  Josh owned today.  He stood tall and proud, smiling ever so often.  Full of pride and promise, this young man certainly has success in … (3 comments)

clubnet: Pricing to Sell Today? - 04/27/08 02:38 AM
When on a listing appointment, in your regular script, are you asking your prospective client this question?  Mr & Mrs Seller, I hear what you are saying, but, are you pricing your home to sell it today or are you just planning on testing the market?  I understand that you believe that your home is special and that the monies from its sale are to help you on your way to retirement living or to buy your next home.    However, those days are gone.  Not sure, if they will ever return. Average market time is 121 days, from the date of … (7 comments)

clubnet: My Small Group - 04/18/08 09:43 AM
Here we are, had a good meeting at a local restaurant.  We eat, talk, plan and share ideas across our table.  We meet once a month, the Monday after Brian Buffini's Coaching CD Live Call.  The assignment is tied into this call.
The staff is good to let us sit off to the side, away from the other patrons.  We had two new members join us at this meeting.  The enthusiasm that they share is contagious and welcomed.  We completed our assignment from Buffini and Company. We encourage eachother with our notes, calls, popby ideas and referrals.  We are all off to a … (11 comments)

clubnet: Boston Rocked! - 04/11/08 06:48 AM
Just as we knew it would, the Brian Buffini Boston Turning Point, was AWESOME!  Brian was so giving of energy, information, a bit of humor, a bit of humility and he couldn't wait to give it out to us.  The room was so quiet that you knew we all were holding onto every word he spoke.  If someone sneezed in the back of the room, many bless you's were announced, quietly heard. 
Whether this was your first event with Brian, or your 20th, I know we all came away stronger, more confident and with a system in place to improve our … (9 comments)

clubnet: Stuck Indoors Due to Bad Weather? C'Mon, Win the Day! - 02/22/08 06:45 AM
Most of you know how well Brian Buffini has taught us to work his systems.  If the weather today has stopped you from showing, listing or made it impossible for you to work your daily routine, here is a suggestion for you. 
Work on your notes, try to sit down and write a whole bunch.  Write to the people you thought you were going to see today.  Let them know that you look forward to meeting with them soon.  This applies to those of you who were going to attend Joe Niego's Training Camp or his Referral Workshop.  He loves receiving … (9 comments)

clubnet: Taking Your Success to the Next Level! - 01/04/08 11:39 AM

clubnet: Thanksgiving Notes & Popbys - 11/16/07 11:30 AM
Hear ye, all Buffini Clubnetters!  Want to blow your Coach away with your stats?!?!  How about this idea?  We all received the notes, primed for Thanksgiving in our last two boxes.  So, if you haven't yet used them all up ~ here you go!  Open notecard and write, Jane and Bob, Just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!  It's a Good Life!  Fran;)  Okay, now you try it.  You can do your database, fellow agents, your broker, clubnetters, Buff and Beverly, your Coach, Barth, the Brothers, my Coach - Dave McGhee, me, your small group, Eric J, your … (4 comments)

clubnet: Orlando, Florida ~ Work by Referral, Live the Good Life! - 10/27/07 01:21 AM

clubnet: DROPPING INTEREST RATES!! - 09/07/07 09:46 AM
Honest, I just heard this on the news.  Apparently, the feds are hoping to shake up the economy by dropping interest rates.  How much that will affect mortgage interest rates, who knows, but, we can only hope.  I do think the rates are already low.
The increase in taxes in our market area is what is keeping the payment too high. Our property taxes are very high, increasing every year.  Some towns even phase them in over five years!
In the state of Connecticut, our conveyance tax, which is paid by the Seller at time of closing, has been voted in for yet another … (2 comments)

Just to remind all of you who are Realtors(self-employed), our quarterly tax payment is due, next week.  If you have had income in the last three months, which, of course, you have, make sure you send Uncle Sam his portion.  You can pay online, mail it in to them, or go to your local IRS office and make the payment there.  Estimating your end of year income, can be difficult, if you haven't tracked your expenses to date, however, if you don't pay them now, they will charge you more, later.  Figure on one-third of your net, that should be about the … (1 comments)

clubnet: Jack Talent Bandit is Going to be One Year Old! - 09/03/07 06:29 AM
To celebrate our puppy's first birthday, we will be popping by with a treat for our clients and friends who have pets, to share this happy day!  Jack has grown quite a bit, as all puppies do!  He is still cuddly and sure to make my family pleased with showing off his new tricks. He is a smart boy.  When we go out for a ride in the 4 Runner, he loves to see the big dump trucks and pickup trucks.  My Son owns a construction company, Birch Mountain Earthworks in Ct, and Jack is just crazy in love with him. Often, … (2 comments)

clubnet: Sell-A-Bration is in Hawaii!! - 09/02/07 03:17 AM
Well, how is that for a business write off?  Calling all CRS Realtors to Hawaii for a conference?  Yippee!  In the middle of winter?  Oh, yes, the answer to these questions has to be YES.  Did I mention, Waikiki Beach?  It is just like Christmas in September.  September because the invite just came yesterday.  Top agents and educators will be speaking and sharing their tips, wisdom and experiences of our changing market.  The breakout sessions sound power packed, too.  Beaches, warm weather, tropical paradise, good speakers, approved - credit worthy courses, and Howard Brinton will be the host and keynote speaker. … (2 comments)

clubnet: WANT GOOD REFERRALS? ASK FOR THEM! - 09/02/07 01:52 AM
Does this sound too easy?  I believe this is one step that is easier for new agents.  Sometimes they just listen to good advice, and don't question it as much as a seasoned agent would.  Many of the newer agents, say within the last five years, didn't have to look for business.  You could just answer the phone or put up a sign, and bingo, you had a sale.  Now, skills and experience are neccessary, like they were in the pre-hot market.
Surprise!  It still can be easy.  Don't panic and become negative.  Along with taking courses to improve your skills, there are … (15 comments)

clubnet: Are You Buying Real Estate? As A Professional/Investor - 08/31/07 07:44 AM
We sell to consumers, we know it is the best investment, over time, that you can make.  How many of us are buying? Do you see the advantages of investing in this market?  Over the last 50 years, the investment return average is 6%.  So, naturally, high market would be more, changing market would be less.  If you didn't flip, if you held on to it, you would still make money on your investment.  
Did you know, vacation homes (2nd homes) are deductible on your federal income tax, just like your home is?  Call your tax advisor or accountant, he will … (2 comments)

clubnet: Be Relentless! Everyday! - 08/27/07 01:53 AM
Get up early and get yourself going!  Yes, as Brian Buffini told us at the Mastermind Summit in San Diego last week, you must be relentless!  Go after and go after, what you want, what you are dreaming, what you are going to accomplish.  Make a list, then prioritize it!  Focus on that list, look at it every day, more than once if it helps you to go for it.  To climb a mountain, you must go up and down, to go up.  This is because of the thinning air.  But, if you do this with your business, you will keep … (19 comments)

clubnet: Planning A Party? - 08/26/07 03:42 AM
This a site full of ideas and good suggestions for planning your client/family parties.  It was first introduced to me by the local area Woman's Council of Realtors.  They have a monthly meeting and use this site and its tools for attendance, response, reminders and lists of needs for the gathering.  Once I went into the site, I was amazed at how much information it held, and by how easy it was to navigate through.  My last year's Christmas Party was planned and orchestrated through the site.  I did have to send out some handwritten invitations, which I do love to … (3 comments)

clubnet: TIME ~ You're Most Valuable Asset - 08/26/07 02:33 AM
Have you heard this before?  How do you feel when someone takes their time for you?  Whether in a store, doctor's office, a restaurant, or sitting with your family, time is the one thing that will bring the most value to you.  Children realize it, so do pets.  They will sit and play with you the entire day if you let them.  As we get older, and yes, busier, we seem to ask others to do things for us.  That's okay, we all need some help.  But, are you missing out on that one to one contact that we all appreciate … (3 comments)

clubnet: Get to the Tune Yourself Up Event! Orlando, Florida!! September 19th!!! - 08/24/07 05:42 AM
Buffini Family!  Joe Niego is coming to Orlando, Florida!  He will be at the International Plaza and Spa on 10100 International Drive in Orlando, Florida on September 19, 2007.  It will be a one day event, with a break for lunch.  If you are a small group leader you will have lunch provided during the lunch sharing session.  Remember, to bring lots of cards, because you will be meeting members from all over.  It is a good event to get a quick recharge from Joe Niego.  His systems and formulas are good to have to use and/or for reference during your … (0 comments)

clubnet: School Starting in a Few Weeks! - 08/13/07 07:15 AM
Wow, were is the summer going?  Hopefully, you are all enjoying the beautiful sunny days like we are, here in Connecticut.  We have had more humidity this summer, than last.  Gardeners are thrilled, the crops are bountiful this year.
Now it is prep for back to school time.  Whether you have a little one entering pre-school or all the way past or in-between that, and off to college, the list needs to be taken care of. I found a great tool today, that I wish they had when my kids were younger.  It's a calendar with dates for the school year.  Now, … (1 comments)

clubnet: Client Parties of Appreciation - 08/11/07 04:02 AM
One of Buffini's ideas, this is one of my favorites!  You can choose the theme, use a holiday or similar event title, or even hold an end of summer picnic.  Families attend, bring their friends, neighbors and with little effort you have hosted a fun event.  I say, little effort, meaning that they become contagious.  Folks start to look forward to your next event before they even leave the one they are presently attending.  You can elaborate and hold contests or competitions, maybe a friendly ballgame.  I find that the more of these that I host, the more my clients become … (12 comments)

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