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Offers information on marketing Gainesville apartments and other rentals. Uses case studies from apartments in Gainesville, Fliorida. Written by the VP of Sales and Marketing for a leading multi-family developer in Gainesville, Florida.



For those of you doing business in Gainesville or another college town, I'm sure you know the frustrations of lease signors or cosigners changing their minds and requesting terminations on previously completed leases.  My company is located in Gainesville, Florida, where 2 colleges and 1 universi...
Since I have had a few emails from people asking what I meant in an earlier post about changing your website based on the user statistics you see, I decided to post about it.A good example is our landing page for houses in gainesville, fl . Originally, this page was formatted much like our other ...
There's an interesting article on SEOMOZ about how usage data is effecting your results in the Google Search Engine Results Pages.  Have you read it?  If not, click here. However, there is a FAR more important issue to consider here.  The issue is not whether or not Google is using usage statisti...
VFlyer is now offering "watermarks" within their images and flyers, like this: Just wanted to make sure that everyone knew about the improvement! You can read more about it here: UPDATE:We logged back onto our old Vflyer account, and...
  The Camden Court ribbon cutting has been officially scheduled for July 12, 2007.  The Gainesville Mayor and several city commissioners are expected to speak.   More information soon!  Email me if you want an invitation.Camden Court Luxury Gainesville Apartments detailed information online.
I know that Pizza Hut and Blockbuster and many national advertisers use MySpace as a major source of traffic and demand... does anyone have any clever ideas on how to use MySpace? Let me know!  I'll soon be posting a summary of the ideas I receive as well as information about my own experienes!UP...
Hi everyone! Thank you for all your help with recommendations on blogging software.  We've begun an offsite blog about Gainesville apartments until we can launch the blog on our site about what it's like to live and work in apartments in Gainesville. Any recommendations?  How do you decide what t...
When reading over a Trimark apartment rental lease, you can see the company's official stance on termination of signed apartment leases: "terminations are granted at the sole discretion of the landlord".  We explain this clause to every tenant verbally and point it out on the rental lease; we exp...

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