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  .       You know that expression...  be careful what you wish for, you might get it! When it comes to networking on Active Rain that is the understatement of the year!  This week I was planning to begin my series/tutorials that I wrote about in last week's post about dealing with geeks, getting...
   .       Do you speak Greek Geek?  Nothing seems to cause as much confusion as the process of setting up a blog. With prices ranging from free all the way up to thousands of dollars for a totally customized project, deciding what's right for you can be a very frustrating experience.  Judging by...
.         One of my favorite things about working online is the amazing surprises and benefits that come from out of nowhere. Many of our virtual friends quickly become real friends with all the benefits that come with real friendships... trust, comfort, familiarity and wanting to do things toget...
.        Hi everyone... I'm drowning in work & a ton of new projects right now so I'll skip the formalities and get right to the "stuff".  Following up on my post from last week Pimp Your Blog part 3... using image tiles to speed up your blog , here is a new Active Rain themed image tile that you...

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