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   So another month is coming to an end, March is just around the corner. Living in Montreal that means our wicked winter is almost over and it's time for me to design a new wallpaper/calendar.  This month I'm introducing something a little different! In a recent post I mentioned that I'm heading...
 For the past week I've seen several people talking about a very cool idea that is essentially spontaneous social networking at it's best.  New tools like Twitter, allow us to connect with people we never knew before to put together projects that would have taken months to set up in the "old day...
.  First, this post isn't about any one particular person because I see this happen over and over again with my own clients and Rain members who email me asking for help.  Second, I was really hesitant to write this post because I know that a little knowledge is usually a very dangerous thing but...
.    OK, so I'm fully caffeinated and finally found a bit of time to blog. I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day and is full of love and chocolate! I had a busier than busy week with a thousand things going on at once but it's all good, actually great stuff and I'm totally buzzzzzzed!!!  My...
 And this my Rain friends is another example of what a bit of creative thinking can do. janeAnne is speading the love and the spotlight on fellow bloggers and more imporatnt, it's a great way to showcase some older stuff that might have been overlooked. Check it out...FEBRUARY Spread the Link Lov...
.  So how can I amuse you guys this week??? How about this... a few months ago I posted 4 tutorials on marketing yourself using branded wallpapers & calendars. If you're new here or missed it, check them out at... The Art Of Marketing You with wallpapers(new series) The Art Of Marketing You wallp...

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