activerain blog: Build a Better Blog... How to survive the next tech meltdown from ActiveRain to WordPress part 1 - 05/19/11 11:03 AM

 Hi guys, in the next part of my Build a Better Blog series I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at a few simple ways to protect our online presence. In other words...

 In the past few weeks I've seen a ton of posts here on AR like...
ActiveRain & Reliability ~ My 2¢'s Worth
A $60,000 Eulogy for ActiveRain
and out on the web...
Why Your Self-Hosted Blog is More Valuable than Your Facebook Page
Google's Blogger back after 20-hour outage
Twitter: Experiencing site stability issues
What We Can Learn From … (41 comments)

activerain blog: Build a Better Blog... turning WordPress themes into custom Rain blogs - 05/10/11 02:36 AM

 Hi guys, it's been awhile since I wrote something for my Build a Better Blog series and since I've had a lot of questions and emails about my outside Rain blog, here goes...

 First I thought I'd give you a quick overview of what I did to make it look so different from the standard Rain blogs and I'll point out a few things that might not be obvious until you play around with it. The fact is that what you see on my outside Rain blog is actually a theme I had designed on WordPress. 
 Here are a couple … (40 comments)