selling a home: How High Demand, Low Inventory, Multiple Offers Effect Chicagoland Appraisals - 06/06/16 09:43 AM
How High Demand, Low Inventory, Multiple Offers
Effect Chicagoland Appraisals      
     Media Reports regarding the somewhat limited inventory of homes currently for sale within Chicagoland housing markets are everywhere.  They certainly are supported by a large portion of my mortgage clients' personal recounts. Many have said that they've found a smaller selection of homes for viewing and consideration ...

     For Chicagoland Sellers that have priced their homes wisely and correctly, that limited supply of homes has translated into greater demand and possibly ... even multiple, competing offers received on their home. Sometimes, offers fairly aggressively priced too. 

     Home Sellers receiving … (28 comments)

selling a home: You Decluttered Your Chicagoland Home. What Now? - 11/03/14 06:29 AM
You Decluttered Your Chicagoland Home.  What Now?

     I'm just guessing, but I'm betting there are thousands of videos and real estate articles about the importance and wisdom of "decluttering" your home prior to putting it up for sale ... 
     Magazines, blogs, and social media are all filled with tips, suggestions, and ideas to help you accomplish this task. There are even handy checklists available to help you kick-start your decluttering.  (Click HERE for one of those checklists.)
     But after you've cleaned, winnowed-out, sorted, recycled, thrown-away, and decluttered your home's drawers, closets, garages, basement, and attic ... … (21 comments)

selling a home: Easy Ways to De-clutter Your Home and Life - 05/28/13 04:47 AM
Easy Ways to De-clutter Your Home and Life 
     Much has been written about the importance of  de-cluttering  your home prior to listing it for sale.  But whether you're placing your home on the market or not, de-cluttering can make a huge difference to how much you enjoy your home and your life.  

     Did you know that many doctors and  feng shui  experts believe that a constant state of clutter can drain you of energy, cause depression, make you gain weight, and even make you  physically ill?   It can!

     But what's considered "clutter"?  


selling a home: What Does a Los Angeles Realtor® Do? - 05/14/13 09:50 AM
     The housing market in the Chicagoland area (and elsewhere across the U.S.) is finally improving this Spring.  And I've noticed one thing popping up again right along with the warmer weather's flowers.  For Sale signs!  Many of them FSBO's.
     When I ran across Jane Peters'  post  (Power Brokers International), "What Does a Los Angeles Realtor Do?" ...  I thought that the information certainly pertained to potential Home Buyers and Sellers everywhere, not just in Los Angeles ... so I decided to re-post it immediately.
     As a Chicagoland Mortgage Lender, I personally can't imagine trying to navigate a … (3 comments)

selling a home: Tearing the Heart Out of a Housing Transaction - 02/18/13 05:42 AM

Tearing the Heart Out of a Housing Transaction

     I heard it again just this weekend.  A home's Appraisal came in nearly 25% below the Sales Price agreed upon ($200,000 - $250,000 range).  The news was tearing the heart out of the Buyer, Seller, and their agents.  Heck, the entire transaction!
       I ask ...

    Can the market recovery truly establish any solid footing if Appraisals continue to get in the way of a Buyer and Seller's agreement of terms?  Or can the market really rectify and heal itself with prices established … (28 comments)

selling a home: Hoping to become a successful Spring home Seller and Buyer? Part 1 ... - 01/03/13 05:49 AM
Hoping to become a successful Spring  home Seller and Buyer?   Part 1 ...             In Chicagoland, as in other colder climate regions of the US, the next few months most likely mean cold weather.  Blistering winds.  Snow.  Ice.   
           Brrrrr ...       Does the thought of that have you dreaming of spring and warm weather activities already?          If you're presently a home owner and your dreams include selling your home and buying and moving into a new one during the upcoming year ... all indications are that  2013 will be a good … (5 comments)

selling a home: Decide Which Size Fish You Want to Be - 08/14/12 05:04 AM
Decide Which Size Fish You Want to Be         "It is better to be a big fish in a small pond, than to be a small fish in a big pond "   The Galveston Daily News, June 1881                    It was reported recently by the  National Association of REALTORS  (NAR)  that "median existing single-family home prices are rising in more metropolitan areas, but a lack of inventory  -  notably in lower price ranges  -  is limiting buyer choice in an increasing number of markets around the country".  (Latest Quarterly Report)              … (78 comments)

selling a home: A Tale of Two Brothers ... and One Roller Coaster of a Home Sale and Mortgage Transaction - 04/10/12 05:48 AM
A Tale of Two Brothers ... and One Roller Coaster of a Home Sale and Mortgage Transaction      The headline in a local paper recently caught my eye.  The ensuing article contained the obituary of a man that I had once been involved with in a mortgage transaction, years and years ago.      This transaction had taken place when I worked at my first job ... a Savings and Loan ... and it was perhaps what I'd call the most "interesting" mortgage transaction I've ever taken part in.  It certainly made an impression on me.        Now it wasn't the … (10 comments)

selling a home: Sometimes the Message IS Obvious and the Time to Buy IS Right ... - 08/02/11 02:34 PM
     In a recent blog, "My Best Summer Crop?  Potential Home Buyers with Newly-Approvable Credit", I wrote ...
     "So while some others, perhaps more immediately credit-worthy future home buyers, were eyeing-up the market ... playing the waiting game ... hoping that prices would drop further ... playing Russian-roulette with interest rates ... these "near miss" buying hopefuls were making pro-active strides to get their credit spruced-up and raise their credit scores".        Fence-sitting potential home buyers.  Is that you?        Fence-sitting potential home buyers.  If you're a real estate professional, do you recognize the description and have a few … (6 comments)

selling a home: Remember the Song From Sesame Street ... "One of These Things Is NOT Like the Other"? Is This YOU or YOUR Real Estate Professional? - 03/10/11 08:23 AM
Remember the song from Sesame Street, "One of These Things is NOT Like the Other"?  The song was trying to teach a valuable lesson.  There ARE differences between things ... between people.
Well, let's face it ... in the world of mortgage lending, there are few real mortgage program differences that separate service providers.  Yes, it is a fact that there are some lending institutions and lenders that can offer a handful of financing programs that others may not ... or "twists" on these programs.  Those differences are important to be aware of and know. 
But it's my contention … (2 comments)

selling a home: How Long Will It Take? - 12/30/10 06:14 AM
     Seems like I'm finding a plethora of great posts here on AR as of late.  The following blog written by  Leslie Ebersole, Baird & Warner Real Estate, 962 So. Randall Road, St. Charles, IL,  (one of my favorites here on ActiveRain) ... is an excellent example of that fact.
     Those presently in the process of selling their homes are hearing a boat-load of reports, statistics, and heresay about the process of selling of their home and the amount of time it might take to achieve that goal.
     Leslie Ebersole's post addresses that topic and also offers some advice … (4 comments)

selling a home: "Let the Sellers BEWARE" ... and Be AWARE. Playing Defense & Offense While Selling a Home - 10/11/10 03:02 PM
     "Let the Sellers Beware" ... and Be AWARE!
       Playing Defense & Offense While Selling a Home ...
     Huh? Beware?  Thought that was the Buyer!
    Not these days!  Agents, buyers, and sellers must know how to play DEFENSE and OFFENSE throughout a property transaction.  This "one-of-a-kind market" delivers much more for each of them to consider than ever before. 
    Prior to the present challenging market, sellers asked their agents, "What will I net in proceeds at the closing of my sale"? Now, more often the question is, "If I sell my home for less than I presently owe on my mortgage, what … (39 comments)

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