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As a real estate agent we are always looking for Points Of Difference, something to help us stand out from the crowd so when Peter Hutton offered a postcode license to provide his book to my clients I jumped at the opportunity and am having considerable success with it. Sellers are always on the lookout for more information and if you can provide quality information that is relevant to them then they will remember you! If you would like to see what Peter Hutton has created for me, download the free book yourself from my website



We all talk about doing the very best we can for our sellers but what if we put down in writing what we already know we do and actually make it a Service Guarantee to Sellers, if we did it would probably read something like this: At all times, I am your agent, working for you, not the buyers and ...
It's a common sight on most business doors, open or closed and hours of business, usually Monday to Friday 9 -5 or very similar. Unless you are like this shop owner who obviously sets his/her own hours to suit. I thought you might enjoy this as much as I did. By the way, I'll be here,  if I haven...
Whenever I sit down with a vendor, I always talk about creating a sales strategy to achieve a premium price. This usually means styling the property and getting the presentation just right, creating memorable marketing materials, advertisements, brochures, floortplans and very high quality photog...
In February, I was elected president of a new BNI chapter called BNI Balmoral. We started with 20 members and then 2 failed to turn up, then 2 more started and we yo yoed a bit but I am pleased to say that as of 1 June we have 24 members with a goal of 25 members by the end of June and 30 by the ...

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Geoff Grist - SOLD above market
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