selling: How much do we Realtors REALLY make??? - 12/20/07 12:46 PM
I get so tired of reading about how much Realtors make in the news...Today in our local paper an article hit saying that billions of dollars have been made in Real Estate commissions this year..The media makes it sound like we are all sitting around raking in the dough and doing absolutely nothing!!  How untrue..If that was the fact, I'd be sitting on a warm sunny beach right now sipping a drink with an umbrella in it. I'd like to share with you all where your well spent dollars go when you hire a Realtor to market your home.
Let's say your home … (13 comments)

selling: Cash Bonus, Hawiian getaways, and the kitchen sink too - 07/03/07 12:43 PM
With homes sales leveling off in the valley, I've noticed more and more incentives for Realtors, or their clients upon closing. There are cash bonuses to Realtors, there are cash bonuses for buyers, trips, etc..but do they actually sell the property? There are also bonuses offered to agents who bring a full price offer. 
Federal rules require that cash perks be disclosed, but offerings like trips or other non-cash items do not.  Non cash items should be disclosed to the client at the start just to avoid any uncomfortable situation later fact it is suggested that any bonus received should go … (22 comments)

selling: This rookie learned something new last week!! - 01/30/07 04:01 AM
Isn't it great when you learn something new?  Isn't it better when it comes to you in the way of help, and not by the way of hard knocks?  I found out something that totally saved the sale of my listing.
This particular listing I'm working with both buyer came from an open house that I held three weeks ago and we are going to close tomorrow.  After I received the title commitment last Thursday, I thought it was going to go up in smoke when I read that my buyers have an IRS lein for $5400...There goes any chance of … (43 comments)

selling: A home warranty can give piece of mind - 12/03/06 04:35 PM
Recently, I've added something new in my listing presentation.  I have been offering to purchase a home protection plan for my clients when I list their home for them.  Coldwell Banker has teamed up with            American Home Shield, a part of one of the worlds largest insurance holding companies.   
A Home Warranty is a service contract that will help cover some of those unexpected repairs that always hit homeowners at the most inconvenient time.  The plan will protect  the home owner while the home is on the market, and will transfer to the buyer when it is sold.  This means, if a … (6 comments)

selling: To Disclose or Not to Disclose.... - 12/01/06 01:55 PM
Even though most people have never had a boulder fall through their roof there are still major factors to consider when filling out a property disclosure when selling your home.  I have been asked several times from sellers "Should I disclose that?" 
In Idaho you are only required to disclose material facts pertinent to the home you are selling.  Facts like a death on the property, or that someone living in the home is ill, or that you think it is haunted, does not apply.  Material facts WILL include pest infestations, no matter how long it's been, or past flood, fire, … (3 comments)

selling: Pricing your home to sell - 11/05/06 04:11 PM

So you want to sell your house?  YOU WANT HOW MUCH???  This is a part of being a realtor that is kind of tough.  Telling a home owner that their house is actually worth less than what they want to list at.  Just the other day I went on a listing appointment where the sellers were interviewing agents.  Nice home, they built it their selves.  Huge lot...
The price... I think it would list nicely at $205,000-$215,000. 
The sellers were thinking of a price of around $300,000. 
Okay, well, this is where I have to bring the print outs of the comps … (5 comments)

selling: The Death of a loved one, Divorce, and Moving.... - 11/05/06 04:09 PM
The Death of a loved one, Divorce, and Moving are the three most stressful things in life.
Moving is a very emotional experiance. But if you keep the next few things that I tell you in mind, it may make it a happier experiance.
First, keep the end result in mind at all times.  Don't dwell on the things that you are doing now, but keep in mind the joy you will have when it is all over.  Focusing on the future is one proven way to ease anxiety.
Trust in your Realtor, and all those around you who are helping you.  The professionals who … (2 comments)

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