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On today's Sunday evening TV news, there was a story about the contamination of Los Altos water with E. Coli bacteria in the "S. El Monte" area. Cal Water: E. Coli Found in Los Altos Water | NBC Bay Area NBC Bay Area-2 hours ago Cal Water has found traces of contaminants in the water of the South...
  A very handy website on days like today is from the National Institute of Standards & Technology.  Try it now:   Especially interesting is the day/night map projection. It also shows the time zone automatically, on your smart phone or a tablet, based on your location, as d...
The ActiveRain SHORT URL feature ( is not working today…     The Short URL feature ...   has a DNS or NS error?   Try this:   Result?   NOTICE  No name servers or DNS records were found for  The server at can't be found, because...
  A bug in the Apple iOS Mail client app... and Gmail password security? Apple Mail app on iOS (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) loses Gmail password setting, randomly, intermittently.   It's as if the Mail app "forgets" the imap password?   This is a Bug Report on an intermittently recurring iOS Mai...
Intermittent Fasting, Week 8. Personal Experiences, Results, and a Few References.   Feeling great, burning fat, preserving lean mass.    Forget about eating five smaller meals. Grazing or snacking is definitely OUT. Fasting is IN. Low-carb is in.     ☞ When you eat can be as important to healthy...
SEO in a Nutshell? There is a lot of buzz from time to time about the death of SEO. What does that really mean? Black-hat SEO is dead...  What is SEO? Primarily, SEO means designing your website to help the right people find you. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has several major parts: planning...
Are you aware of PANDA, PENGUIN, HUMMINGBIRD... Animals in the Google SEO Zoo?   There are three big Google algorithm updates that you need to understand for effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in 2014.   Panda (aka Farmer) originated in February, 2011. Updated periodically through 2013. P...
Halloween Effects: Looking for fun, scary, entertaining ideas for home, school, or office? Halloween is a seasonal tradition that is all about having fun. It seems that Halloween is getting bigger and bigger every year. There are haunted attractions, home haunts, yard haunts, scary hayrides, fig...
Looking for Scary Halloween Effects for Home or Office? Entertaining for both adults and children, more and more people are putting on special displays for Halloween. Home haunts, yard haunts, and haunted hayrides are getting more popular and more elaborate.    There are professional haunts, dar...
Please support this petition on the White House website if you agree that Yelp needs investigation. Ask your business associates about their Yelp advertising experiences. Please spread the word to help this petition go viral.  I decided that I could not trust Yelp anymore when one of my local sma...

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