fee for service: Let’s Make a Deal! - 05/24/11 05:59 AM
By Glenn Freezman, Nucazza, LLP
I was talking with a friend recently who told me that he’s one of those guys who needs ‘adult supervision’ when he buys a car because he has a history of reading the price tag posted on the vehicle and then writing a check for that amount to the dealership. He understands that the price is negotiable but he says that the challenge is that he doesn’t really know how to get started driving the price down even when it’s to his benefit.
I doubt he’s alone. Those of us who work in real estate not … (4 comments)

fee for service: The Next Really big thing in Real Estate - 04/18/11 06:46 AM
Last week I managed to surprise myself by getting a number of comments on my blog after I shared some thoughts I had after meeting with a friend and experiencing her hardship as a Realtor in an uncertain market.
The response I got from this community was incredible and I thank everybody who offered advice and share their perspectives and their time.
What I found most interesting about the responses is that they represented a wide spectrum of different thoughts, attitudes, opinions, and beliefs surrounding the environment that Realtors deal with today.
They were three main camps … (2 comments)

fee for service: The Darkest Side of Real Estate - 04/14/11 10:53 AM
I bumped into a Realtor friend of mine yesterday whom I hadn’t seen for a while. Like most conversations we started off by asking those ‘catching up questions’ like ‘how have you been’ and ‘how’s business’?
I immediately got the sense that she had had a few very hard months – she was wearing it on her face. That became even clearer when I saw tears appear in her eyes.
‘I can’t seem to catch a break’ she told me. ‘I have plenty of listings. As you know I’m a hustler when it comes to getting home buyers to work with … (65 comments)

fee for service: Why Not Create New Real Estate Income Streams? - 03/31/11 08:15 AM
As real estate professionals we already understand that the market of the last few years is tougher than ever. We understand that finding qualified buyers is super hard providing they can even sell their current homes in order to afford to buy a new ones.
On these forums and when checking in with my broker/Realtor friends I hear way too many horror stories of time spent with potential buyers that looked like everything was going swimmingly only to have it crash and burn before the buyers could make it to the closing table. The result has been a lot of bitterness, … (4 comments)

fee for service: Real Estate Compensation - Alternatives to the Commission-Based Model (and yes, we still make a good living!) - 03/31/11 03:24 AM
As a principle at Home Buying Revolution and a firm believer that the Real Estate industry is becoming consumer centric, i felt compelled to re-blog Jennifers blog. The home buyer will replace the risk the realtor is asked to take every day by working "On the come" by paying for the services required to buy a home, especially the fiduciary councel that a Realtor can provide best.  I  beleive the days of adding in the commission for a buyers representitive are numbered, as money continues to get tighter, the buyers and sellers are going to continue to grind down to … (4 comments)

fee for service: Changing How Real Estate Is Bought, Home Buying Revolution and You - 03/30/11 06:04 AM
Changing How Real Estate Is Bought, Home Buying Revolution and You
By Glenn Freezman, Home Buying Revolution
I remember reading a few years ago a great quote that said "the only person who likes change is a wet baby".
And yet change is inevitable. Every day the world changes around us offering a palette of positive and not so positive alterations to our lives. That said, digging your heels in and refusing to budge isn't going to change anything.
I bring this up because as the CEO of Home Buying Revolution I'm constantly tasked with the process of telling Realtors and … (2 comments)

fee for service: Real Estate models are bringing greater value to home buyers - 02/18/11 07:59 AM
Changing Real Estate models are bringing greater value to home buyers. Do you know what you need to to save thousands of dollars on your next home purchase? Let's face it, existing real estate sales models are laden with conflict and challenges. Consider, if you will:
► The Buyer's Broker and Agent are being paid by the Seller's Broker and Agent (conflict of interest)
► The Buyer's Broker and Agent get no payday unless the homebuyer makes it all the way to a successful closing (Realtors take on all the risk)
► Their commission check amounts are based on the sales … (0 comments)

fee for service: Realtors® to exchange commission payments for a direct payment - 02/07/11 08:30 AM
At first glance, asking a Realtors® to exchange commission payments for a direct payment from the home buying client may seem counter-productive. Yet, when you ‘follow the money' it makes plenty of sense.
According to recent figures released by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR),the average salary of a Realtor® in the U.S. is $40,000 a year. If we assume that these Realtors® work through a brokerage that gets paid a percentage of what the Realtor® grosses in a year, let's say 50%, then that means that the average Realtor® is responsible for bringing in close to $80,000 every year to … (2 comments)

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