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A blog with tips, comments, observations, and strategies for real estate professionals on the sale and marketing of new homes, historic homes, condominiums and lofts in Lafayette Square. The blog also covers other sales training issues such as the use of technology, time management, personal marketing, lead generation, and customer service. PREA Signature Realty proudly serves the communities of Lafayette Square, Soulard, Benton Park, Benton Park West, Downtown Loft District, Forest Park Southwest, Central West End, Tower Grove East, Tower Grove South, Compton Heights, Shaw, The Hill, Dogtown, Carondelet, Holly Hills, St. Louis Hills, Dutchtown, and the Other Historic Neighborhoods of the City of Saint Louis, Missouri.



Sometimes it pays to focus on the negatives.  Often, we are too happy to look at traffic numbers and to pass these numbers on to our clients as a flaming arrow that progress is being made.  Although the number of internet hits, telephone inquiries, and showings are important, real estate agents ...
For those of you who are considering moving to St. Louis, this story produced by KETC-Channel 9 and featured on its Living St. Louis segment gives some insight into the Lafayette Square.  The neighborhood is located South of Downtown St. Louis and is noted for its Victorian-era homes and tree-lin...
When it comes to social networking, it seems like we are all lemmings.  I mean we hear that LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter generate leads so we follow the pack and dive right in.  Now, I am not saying that I necessarily disagree with the choice of social networking sites.  I have an active presen...
Recently, offered vanity names for its accounts.  It prompted a gold rush or land grab type euphoria among tech savvy speculators who registered names with lightning speed. Like domain names a few years back, cybersquatters are back and registering names on Facebook, Twitter, and ot...
The National Association of Realtors and Missouri Association of Realtors had an interesting market comment on the use of social media.  It did a very good job describing the rise in the popularity of social media to market and sell real estate: Many real estate brokers and agents are looking to ...
Recently, I received a telephone call that led to a lengthy discussion about real estate and the use of technology to market and sell homes.  The caller had read my ActiveRain blog entitled "The Lafayette Report" and had a pretty good grasp of my passionate views on the use of technology to marke...
If you are interested in purchasing a single family home, townhome, condominium or loft in Lafayette Square, there has never been a better time to buy.  In 2008, the median price for homes in Lafayette Square increased 8%.  Lafayette Square continues to hold its value.  With excess supply, the a...
When it comes to blog titles, we all want to use some clever slogan to attract attention or generate a buzz.  A clever title draws the reader in and makes them want to click through and read the entire article.  Now, over the past few months, I have noticed the term "sucks" used in over 100 posts...
WarrantyElephant is a great website designed for storing and organizing warranty information.  For new home construction or custom homes, you often have a ton of warranty booklets and product information scattered about your new home.  After moving in, you often have additional work done which ma...
ActiveRain is a great network for so many reasons.  From where I stand, it appears that ActiveRain is constantly trying to improve its community, its blog platform, etc. to enhance the Activerain experience for its members.  Now, I love the ActiveRain featured post newsletter and enjoy reading it...

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