ginger harper of southport: Rain is making the Pepper and Squash GROW - 06/07/15 06:22 PM
We ate Pepper and Squash today for Dinner from the Garden.  It is so rewarding to grow vegetables from the garden and fix a meal that is so delicious.
Today we had rain again.  Luckily we planted our seeds this past weekend and then the rain came. We had laid the garden out for the butter beans, sweet potatoes, squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers.   Then as an added bonus, Jimmy put in giant sunflowers to brighten the garden.
For an additional suprised for me..He also planted two fig trees.  WE love Fig Preserves..
We will  enjoy fresh cucumbers and tomatoes for the 4th of July.
Wish you were … (1 comments)

ginger harper of southport: BPO's Love 'um or hate 'um.. - 05/04/15 06:09 PM
You have to either love doing them or dislike doing them..
Frankly, I enjoy getting out into different parts of the county and making new discoveries.  Communities that I have not been to before. 
Just finished doing 2 BPO's and getting them emailed to the originator.  What great fun.  I find that doing these keep my skill sharp for our local market.
I enjoy the challenge of getting comparable sale together and then looking at what the competiion for this piece of proepty is going to be.
Do you have a lot of these in your area?  I would lke to do more.
Share with me … (1 comments)

ginger harper of southport: Spring is almost here! - 03/19/15 04:34 PM
WE are having a lovely Spring like day with temperatures in the high 70's.  I am so ready for the warmth of the sun and the sounds Spring. 
Spending my evening on the dock enjoying the sunset over the Creek.  Many of our shore birds are returning and will be raising a family before we know it.
We are still an affordable beach community along the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean.
Have a great day!
Ginger of Southport NC

ginger harper of southport: Another Day in Paradise! Southport NC...... - 02/26/15 05:43 PM

A great day today. 
I had a listing appointment yesterday morning and another one yesteday afternoon.  Took one for sure and think that I will get the next one in a day or so..  And guess what!  Got another one this afternoon and another one on Thursday.
Seems like our sellers are wanted to do the right thing and price their property as it should be priced.

ginger harper of southport: Vote for YOUR Happiest Seaside Town~Southport NC - 02/19/15 05:00 PM
  Ginger Willis Harper 21 hrs · Coastal Living Share ·     Vote for America's Happiest Seaside Town! I voted for Southport, North Carolina as the Happiest Seaside Town in America. Vote Now! … (1 comments)

ginger harper of southport: I am Cleaning out my Database, are YOU? - 01/17/15 06:49 PM
Lisa Lowe wrote a great post regarding cleaning out your database..I am starting to do that..
I asked Lisa to please keep us posted. I have a data base with 4700 names in Top Producer.  I am always afraid to delete people.  I send an email out to all each month about the Stats of the Market.  Then those that do not have an email...about 1000...I send letters to.  In the long run...I am cleaning out bad leads...and tweeking the remaining ones..  It is a monumental task for me..

ginger harper of southport: Sunny Southport in January! - 01/17/15 08:09 AM
A great day today. 
WE are having a "Coast in and Win" Open house in one of the historic homes of Southport.  It is over 100 years old, and has been lovingly restored.
I had a listing appointment yesterday morning and another one yesteday afternoon.  Took one for sure and think that I will get the next one in a day or so..  And guess what!  Got another one this afternoon and another one on Thursday.
Seems like our sellers are wanted to do the right thing and price their property as it should be priced.

ginger harper of southport: Do You Remember When? - 01/13/15 06:27 PM
As a young person, our family would watch TV on Saturday and Sunday evenings....Mama would pop ..popcorn and we would sit around and watch the Ed Sullivan Show.  We would see the new performers enter into the entertainment arena. 
I remember seeing Stevie Wonder doing the finger poppin thing and also the Jackson 5.  Elvis with his gyrating hips..and of course the BEATLES!
Shirley Temple was my favorite.  I would watch "The Good Ship Lolipop" and dance along with her.  Then there was that "Masked Man on the White horse"....and then the Ape Man that swung from the vines...

ginger harper of southport: How do you have a sucessful Open House? - 01/10/15 06:28 PM
Well Hello AR members...
I held an Open House in St. James NC.  There were 3 of us from our company that did the
"COAST IN AND WIN" Open houses.  Meaning that those that came to the open house could be put in a drawing for $500.
Problem, there were only 6 or so agents to come out and view this house.  Even with us offering gift cards and gifts and food.  We served chicken salad croissants, wheat and plain rolls with ham, cheese, turkey, and roast beef, Chips,  Chocolate Eclairs.
What works for you...
I really get discouraged..
What is … (7 comments)

ginger harper of southport: Happy New Year 2015! - 01/01/15 07:15 PM

It has just become a tradition.  After we take the "good" picture..for New Years Day...
We take the "Make a face picture"...You are seeing the later..
Don't know why this started...but after all the "say Cheese" just got funny and silly..
There for after, pork loin, blackeye peas, collards, sweet potatoes, rice and gravy, potato salad, corn bread, sweet tea, chocolate cake with maple syrup icing and yellow cake with chocolate fudge icing...  I guess we could be a bit silly.
Hope that you had a fun, family filled day as we … (3 comments)

ginger harper of southport: Can Anyone Explain Short URL Click and are they Important? - 12/28/14 03:05 PM
I see this on the Stats page on Active Rain and do not yet understand them.
I would like to know what they are for.
Short URL Clicks.  The are on the page where we see the traffic that has come to our Blog Page.  All I ever see there is a dash
(-).  It that important?  When I write a Blog, although I am not very good, I like to look then next time that I am on the Active Rain website and see if anyone has found what I wrote to be interesting or informative or laughable..

ginger harper of southport: Stockings Hung By the Chimney with CARE~ - 12/27/14 06:21 PM

The tradition in the Harper Household is to have stockings for all in the family.  The children and grandchildren are always so excited to take down their stocking and see what goodies Santa filled it with. 
There is always a penny in the toe of the stocking.  Do you put a penny in your stockings?
These of course, we have fruit, candy and nuts.  Then there are a few items such as fingernail clippers, makeup, razors, trinkets and then a biggy such a a ring, necklace, cell phone, memory stick, etc.
Sometimes I run out of ideas for the adult … (3 comments)

ginger harper of southport: Beautiful Sunset over the Creek - 12/18/14 06:51 PM

WE have the most beautiful sunset over Beaver Dam Creek in Southport NC.
We enjoy the Ibis, Herons, Cranes, and gulls on the end of the dock.  We have kayaks in the water to scoot around in the creek.  What a glorious place to live.
When we get tired of that, we go and walk on the ocean.  Our beaches are still undeserted and we can enjoy the shore with all of the living things that live there.
Come and see for yourself

ginger harper of southport: Bit of Blogging Each Day - 12/17/14 06:40 PM
I have been learning from a  dear friend and agent, by the name of Thomas, for teaching me a few tricks to  I know that we have so much to learn from each other and to share.
  Just little simple trick of our business that can help to make the phone ring.  I learned about linking in the body of my blogging that will take you straight to my website. 
This may be a simple thing for the more experiences bloggers but I have not taken a course on Blogging yet.  That is one of my … (8 comments)

ginger harper of southport: Peanut Brittle and Fudge~Yea! Easy Recipe - 12/16/14 06:50 PM

Here it is!
Last night, Jimmy and I made seven  batches of Peanut Brittle and one batch of Fabulous Fudge. 
WE played at this for about 3 hours and enjoyed every minute of it.
Today we had our Annual Christmas Party and the office and I, of course, took Brittle and Fudge.
It was a big hit with everyone. 
On Thursday, Jimmy has his Christmas Party at his office and we will do the same there. 
The Brittle is done in the microwave and very easy and I will gladly share if you let me … (5 comments)

ginger harper of southport: The House is Dressed for Christmas - 12/16/14 06:10 PM
The House looks amazing for the Christmas Holidays. 
We have a lot of fun Dressing it for Christmas.  This house is the Norment House in Southport and was built in 1913, therefore a hundred and one year old structure.  Builders sure do not build them like they used to.  The house is solid as a rock.  The rooms are large and roomy with space to wonder around and enjoy privacy.
The history of the house is amazing with the different families that were raised in the home. I know some of … (3 comments)

ginger harper of southport: Pay it Forward in December - 12/10/14 04:45 AM
This is such a great idea and everyone can do this.
YOu get this great feeling in your heart when you do something for someone else and it is not expected.
It can be as simple as letting a car get in line that is stuck on a side road; smiling a someone with a frown on their face; letting someone get in line in front of you when they have only one or two items and you have a basketfull;
I sit in the evenings and make afgans for the folks in our local Nursing Center,  I make … (8 comments)

ginger harper of southport: Sunny Southport in December - 12/09/14 05:43 PM

Another beautiful day in Paradise!
Sunny and warm.  I am enjoying this time of the year so very much.  It is quiet on our highways right now.  That will change in the next week or so.  Lots of famlies like to come to the beaches to enjoy a quiet relaxing Christmas Holiday..
Not much real estate activity going on right now but it is picking up soon,
Hope it is going well for you.
Take care,
Ginger of Southport

ginger harper of southport: St James Golfing Community in North Carolina - 12/06/14 06:39 PM
Ginger of St. James
Posted by With warm regards,
Ginger Harper

ginger harper of southport: Is Social Media the Bane of our Existence? - 06/16/14 05:46 AM

I think that the Social Media has a place in our world but we have to be careful not to make it the Main part of our existence.
So may people right now, use the social media in unhealthy ways.  There are many folks that are airing their personal grievences in public for the world to see right not. 
This is a person thing that needs to be kept in private.
Just remember that when you put it on the Socail becomes a world wide exposure.
The evolution of social media woes
I remember a story that happened here in … (2 comments)

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