southport homes for sale: The last day of the Month... - 05/31/09 09:38 AM
Today was a glorious Sunday that we spend with our children and grandchildren.  After church, we dined on a Sunday Dinner that consisted of nice Roast Beef, Rice and Gravy, Field peas, butter beans, stewed squash and onions, ice tea and topped off by homemade Peach Ice cream.
Hope that you spent a wonderful day with you family also.
Take care,
Ginger of Southport

southport homes for sale: Are you soccer grandparents? - 05/30/09 01:22 PM
Today was a family day. 
First event was soccer for our 7 year old grandchild.  It is so much fun seeing the young ones learning life skills on a soccer field.  That is what we saw today.  When you are work hard to do the right things and to pull together as a team to make it work. 
We saw that happen today.
Then  to the pool to cool off.  What a great day.
Hope your day was great too..

southport homes for sale: Marissa turns 1 today.. - 05/28/09 12:50 AM
Grand Child is having her 1st Birthday today..  She is a precious little thing that was born at home one year ago today.  No time to get to the hospital.
We will be celebrating with her tonight in her home with a cookout and all of the fixins'.
Neighbors and extended family will be with us to celebrate the birth of this precious little one.
Hope your days are good too.
Ginger Harper of Southport

southport homes for sale: Another Day in Paradise! - 05/27/09 07:30 AM
Today is another glorious day in Southport~Oak Island area of North Carolina. We have temps in the upper 80's..and clear blue skies. One needs to be on the beach front...catching some rays..or fish one. Hope that you love where you live too. It is a great day here. Ginger of Southport.. … (0 comments)

southport homes for sale: Ping goes the realtor... - 05/18/09 08:57 AM
Thinking of PoP goes the Wessel.....
Today I have been working on social networks and getting more confused.   We started out with Twitter, then facebook, then My Space, and then ended with Ping. 
If we just worked on each one of these sites it would take hours to update each of these sites.
Hope that you all are doing better than I am right now.
Take care and stay in touch,
Ginger of Southport

southport homes for sale: Blessed Rain.. - 05/14/09 01:11 PM
Today we had rain again.  Luckily we planted our seeds this past weekend and then the rain came. We had laid the garden out for the butter beans, sweet potatoes, squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers.   Then as an added bonus, Jimmy put in giant sunflowers to brighten the garden.
We will  enjoy fresh cucumbers and tomatoes for the 4th of July.
With you were here.
Ginger of Southport

southport homes for sale: Best of the Best! - 05/11/09 07:30 AM
Hi All,
Today we were celebrated by our owners for being the "Best of the Best" with our company.  Criteria being that you have to have so many sales and so many listings in the first quarter of the year.  I think that is wonderful to be recognized for the hard work that you do. 
Our company provided us with a nice lunch and then talked with us about the market here in the Southport ~ Wilmington area of North Carolina.
It was very pleasant.
Ginger of Southport

southport homes for sale: Social Security and Retirment Insecurity! - 04/27/09 08:43 AM
Retirement Insecurity and Social Security  
   According to a new Gallup poll, retirement worries are on the rise.  The poll found that a majority (52%) of non-retired Americans now doubt they will have enough money to live comfortably once they retire.  This represents an 18% increase from five years ago.  According to the Employee Benefits Research Institute, one out of four Americans has decided to delay their age of retirement in the past year.   The Gallup poll also indicated that a large percentage of Americans approaching retirement do not understand social security retirement benefits.  Many fear that social security … (4 comments)

southport homes for sale: Sunny Tuesday in Southport - 04/21/09 03:31 AM
Another beautiful day in Paradise!
Sunny and warm.  I am enjoying this time of the year so very much.  It is quiet on our highways right now.  The Easter Vacationers have gone home ...but will return during the heat of Summer. 
Not much real estate activity going on right now but it is picking up some.
Hope it is going well for you.
Take care,
Ginger of Southport

southport homes for sale: Great deals in the Southport~Oak Island area of North Carolina - 04/09/09 08:34 AM
Happy Easter,
Lots of folks are flocking to our local beaches to enjoy the warm, spring, sun and to enjoy the beautiful flowers that are surrounding us everywhere.  If this is an indicator of the season, we have plenty of folks here.  Now we will need to see if any of them are interested in real estate next week.  We are prepared with numerous homes and lots for the picking.
Hope that you have a Glorious Easter Season.
Ginger of Southport

southport homes for sale: Glorious Tuesday! The UNC Tar Heels are National Champions! - 04/07/09 03:55 AM
Wow!  What a glorious Tuesday. 
Go Tar Heels!  Go Tar Heels!
 Turned a bit cooler last night and tonight is going to be cooler.  Today is Glorious because the HEELS won the National Championship!  We had to stay up and watch the entire game.  The Tar Heels went into that game with great expectation and played exceptionally.
HOpe that your day is wonderful too.  I just love this time of the year.
With warmest regards,
Ginger of Southport

southport homes for sale: Google 411 Calls! - 04/06/09 08:06 AM
 I actually tried this before I chose to pass it on.  You may want to do the same thing.  It worked for me instantly.  I called and asked for Kerr Drug, Concord, NC ... immediately, I heard Kerr Drug on Church Street ( I smiled ) and then instantly Bob, the Pharmacist said, Kerr Drug Pharmacy. . . .this will save us money because it states that it is nationwide and absolutely FREE.  Leave it up to Google~  
Subject: LEAVE IT TO GOOGLE If you haven't tried this DO IT! 
Just leave it up to 
Google to come up with something … (6 comments)

southport homes for sale: April Showers Bring May Flowers! - 04/02/09 02:30 AM
Oh what a glorious day..raining...and cool...and damp.
But I am not going to let that dampen my spirits. I know that in May the flowers are going to be beautiful.  I must have a thousand Azaleas and Camellias that will bloom in my yard.  It will be pretty for the Easter Holidays but the peak will come in May.  Orton Plantation is getting ready to be in full bloom.  If you should be in the area, check it out.
With warmest regards,
Ginger of Southport

southport homes for sale: Blogging each day! - 03/27/09 07:49 AM
Thanks to a dear friend and agent, by the name of Thomas, for teaching me a few tricks to  I know that we have so much to learn from each other and to share.  Just little simple trick of our business that can help to make the phone ring.  I learned about linking in the body of my blogging that will take you straight to my website.  What a treat.
Thanks Thomas,
Ginger of Southport

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