time management: They Lie Because We Taught Them to Lie - 05/23/12 11:56 PM
Anyone that spends much time in real estate, or any sales-oriented work, knows that when the truth is told and is not the desired answer, most people punish. So to avoid being punished for telling the truth, people lie instead.
I had a phone call from a salesman recently. It was like many calls we all get periodically. I listened briefly. I understood the salesman and was not interested at all. This is where many people lie and say something nice like, “Well, send me some information and we’ll think about it.” Such a tactic can be particularly common in … (12 comments)

time management: I Have Attention Fatigue Syndrome - 03/01/12 05:02 AM
Hello, my name is Glenn and I have AFS, Attention Fatigue Syndrome.
Each day I am bombarded with advertisements, emails, phone calls, mail, and face-to-face meetings. Then throw in headline news, tweets, posts, voice-mails, newsletters, webinars, seminars, classes, and radio. Even my dogs sometimes ask for my attention (which is actually rather sweet and probably healthier for me than tweets and email).
The barrage of information and distractions is never ending, many times with demands of immediate responses to even mundane requests. “I sent you a text 10 minutes ago about moving our lunch meeting, why haven’t you answered already?”

time management: Ignoring the Right Answer - 01/13/12 05:57 AM
In hearing many stories, including those on ActiveRain, I am struck by how many people are upset or angry at other people for their own failures. While in many cases this appears to just be a blatant blame game, I think it may be something a little deeper.
I see way too many people, including many real estate professionals, who often hide or ignore the right answer because it seems hard or difficult. They dismiss the correct answer, hoping to find a shortcut. Or hope the problem will go away or maybe someone else will solve the problem for them. Denial and avoidance are common … (0 comments)

time management: Time Management: "Teaching the Pig to Sing..." - 07/07/08 02:33 PM
This is a phrase I use with our team regarding Time Management and Focus.  It comes from the country* saying....
       "It's like teaching the pig to sing... it just wastes your time and annoys the pig."
One of the skill areas I am focusing on for myself is improving time management and prioritization.  This is important to me and will help my clients and our firm.
There are so many wastes of time in every industry... and our lives.  For instance, in real estate my personal belief is that over-priced houses are such a waste of everyone's time.  Are you … (4 comments)

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