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There's a lot going on in 2011. Already the whoppers include mortgages rules changing effective March 2011, stronger and stronger indications of rising interest rates and a new Premier for Alberta - sometime.So what? There always is a lot going on. The best action is not reaction but positive pro...
I found a great breakdown on what seems to be the consensus for 2011 - Cautious Optimism.Optimism - includes consumer confidence and a strong rental market. I've seen these myself more calls for rentals especially from people moving here for work - even in the dead of winter. I'm hearing it too. ...
Happy New Year! Are you back in the swing of things after the holiday break? I know I am. For me the first part of the year is dedicated to 'clean up' and that means getting the big and ugly jobs underway and cleaned up to make way for new plans, systems and fine tuning.In December, Edmonton had ...
For many the big splurge over the winter holidays makes a financial dent in their accounts. Often to the point where regular bills can't be maintained. Here is a great article on How to Deal with Mortgage Payment Difficulties from CMHC:"When unforeseen financial circumstances impact your ability ...

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