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This little blog contains my thoughts on the business of real estate, a place to showcase homes for my special clients (YOU!), and a wonderful place to hear your thoughts on ... well, whatever! Come join in, won't you?



I have the most special hubby! A while ago, he brought home this gorgeous bouquet of roses ... just for me! I love working in the garden and would be thrilled to grow a bush of these beauties. Yes, these are hothouse grown, I'm sure. (Of course here in Auburn, Washington we're definitely in a hot...
Farmers markets are the best place to stock up on fresh fruits, veggies, flowers ... and kettle corn! That's definitely the case at the Auburn International Farmers Market, held every Sunday from June 14th into September or so. In addition to the food goodies, there's typically a guest chef cooki...
One of the stickiest questions on a seller disclosure form asks whether permits were obtained for any remodels that were done ... Yikes! Without a doubt, that question and all others on the Disclosure must be answered honestly. But it's a sticking point with some Buyers and I have to wonder how t...
Making an offer to purchase a home in Washington state is complex. It's not unusual for a Buyer's eyes to glaze over a bit when faced with the stack of 20 pages or so that comprise a typical offer on a new(er) home built in a subdivision or city. Add to that "typical" stack unique properties of h...
Everyday maintenance aside, I am constantly taken aback by the appearance and condition of homes while touring short sale and bank owned properties. Such an event occurred this week. I'm still shaking my head at the fact that while touring "starter" homes with potential Buyers, 2/3rds of them wer...
Today I was struck anew by the unconscious impact our body language and sincere smile on a face says to other people how we're feeling about ourselves, our business, and our lives. The young receptionist in my office always has the greatest smile on her face when you walk into the office. It just...
Keep tabs on who's looking at your listings, your name, your kids using Google Alerts! A property manager I know was telling me yesterday that in our area there have been some reported "scams" where a home that's listed for sale gets identified by some enterprising individual ... and then listed ...

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