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This little blog contains my thoughts on the business of real estate, a place to showcase homes for my special clients (YOU!), and a wonderful place to hear your thoughts on ... well, whatever! Come join in, won't you?



The news media provides an overall look at what the real estate market is doing coast to coast. If you regularly read the local Sunday papers, you may even get a feel for what's selling in various counties or even in your local community. Graphs bring that information down in a visual, manageable...
As agents, I think we sometimes forget the actual pain of buying a home ... and in selling one. It's easy to get caught up in the daily complexities we see from our clients, but until we face them firsthand, it's so easy to forget. I'm not talking about investment properties, I'm talking about th...
I just came back in the house and to my home office desk. The weather is gorgeous -- clear blue sky and the garden just called for a quick walk through. Picked a few dahlias and stuff to put in a vase on my desk. Such peacefulness. Yes, I know that owning a home is tremendous commitment. It's har...
The start of the school year always signals the start of a new business year for me. It's supposed to mean that playtime is over for a while and it's time to get to it! I know most folks think of January as the first ... but for me, somehow it always seems to get fired up around the 1st of Septem...
Hubby and I spent the week before last at Ocean Shores. It was Heavenly! Truly. A much needed stress break, although far too short, as vacations often are. I think we need to adopt the "holiday" attitude in Europe -- you know six weeks a year! (course I don't know what I'd do with myself with tha...
Visiting the Western Washington State Fair in Puyallup is a yearly tradition in my household. What can I say? ... I love looking over the pen at the massive momma sow with her bazillion piglets! Must be a frustrated farmer in here somewhere. The fair starts next Friday, the 11th and runs through ...

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