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Petie Green's is now Dockside in Deale, Maryland. We had our RE/MAX Christmas Party at Petie Green's. Yes, the food was that good! The new location is down Rt. 256 instead of down Rt. 258. There are boats, marina, water, an outdoor bar area, ample parking and REALLY , really good food.Try the ten...
I like the reminder for the attendees to leave the home inspector alone to do his job without distractions and delays. I routinely have the Seller obtain a home inspector to do a prelist  home inspection. Then bids and repairs can be completed prior to prospective purchasers even viewing the home...
Skyslope Tips and Tricks for Realtor Paperwork Submission?Here are two good ideas. No, let's say GREAT ideas. G R E A T! There is a learning curve with any new technology.There are videos and in house training video offered by Skyslope for this product.The staff is courteous, patient, and very he...
What a great tip! The Seller sets the tone for closing just in the simple  things they do to prepare the home for the next owner. Ideas such as a thorough home cleaning or  giving the heads up on any new discoveries are a sensible way to prepare for cooperative problem solving if any more serious...
What a perfect explanation! I received this exact inquiry on a floor time office sales call this week. She could not understand WHY the office did not have the paperwork to know the sales price of the sign she had just spotted. I explained that Agents have 48 hours to enter the home in MLS. Turne...
Read or HEAR your Business Books on Audible. WOW, what a great discovery!The ROCK is removed. I was under it. Yes, I moved it.A few weeks ago a friend sent me the book Think and Grow Rich on CD's.The updated 21st Century book is comprised of nine CD's which is nine trips anywhere when you live an...
Audible App, Podcast App, and Feedly App...How About That? I decided to do some FUN work over the Weekend.I love to read, write and walk. Plus listen to country music. Add to that anything Golden Retriever, too. I fill that identical  info out under interests every single time asked. So I decided...
Computer Networking at your Realtor Home Office in Southern Maryland means calling the Right Side Computer Guys. The store is located with walking distance from Safeway in Dunkirk, MD.  It goes to show that you hire a professional to do a job. It is easy to not even know what you do not know. But...
Let's the top of my head, the reason a seller should leave during the Ooen a House is to make sure the Buyer spends more time in the home visualizing it as their own. Another reason would be that loose lips sink ships. A third reason would be saying the exact wrong thing. A fourth would...
What are YOUR Realtor Time Saving 2'FRS? Okay, my new one is to post my Jounal Entry that is part of Peak Producers Daily WIN the Day Routine as a Members Only Active Rain Post. One of my Buds walked SIX or did she say SEVEN miles on the treadmill this morning while listening to the weekly Peak P...

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