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Look what happens when we cut down too many trees. This is terrible!Global warming is one thing, but scroll down and look at what might happen if we continue to clear our forests! We have to stop cutting down trees! This isgetting serious! This was sent to me earlier today from our good friend, R...
A closing gift for your sellers - Great!  What if they are short sale sellers?  Is that considered proceeds? Many of us find it customary to provide a closing gift to our clients as a sign of good will.  Perhaps it may be more common for buyers than sellers. But for those short sale sellers, can ...
I just made another micro loan in to help a farmer in Tajikistan - Pay It Forward I tend to use my micro loan dollars for women in underdeveloped countries, or men and women who supply fruit and vegetable crops to their people. I'm not a big supporter of anything to do with animal farmin...
Do you want your clients to consider you a "real" pro?  Then why are you using a headshot from 800 years ago?! OK.  I get it.  We all want to look "nice" in our business headshots. Cool.  I totally understand. But honestly, if you're using a headshot that's more than 5 years old, what good can po...
This is a blog from Joe Petrowsky that I wanted to share with everyone. I just thought it was the coolest thing ever to be able to download coupons, and also have the website where you can plug in ingredients you have in your home. I need that myself as I HATE wasting food. Anyway, check out thes...
Multiple offer situations where the listing broker represents one of the offers:  Can We Talk?.......... I think almost all of us at some point have been in a situation where you are presenting an offer for your buyers in a multiple offer situation. And in some of those instances it may or may no...
I bought someone's Yogurt in line behind me yesterday at Menchie's - Pay It Forward We took a walk over to the Town Center yesterday with the dogs and went over to Menchie's. I love Menchie's because the frozen yogurt there is de-lish and you get all the free samples you want! Anyway, while I was...
Closing Date Strategy:  Let's talk about it...................... Choice and planning of a closing date can play a critical part when you are writing an offer for your buyer. It's sometimes tricky depending on what the goal is. It's easy to just state, for example, "30 days".  But depending on wh...
One of my neighbors little girls was raising funds for her school program so I bought a $13 magazine subscription - Pay It Forward She was so unbelievably cute!  She went door to door on our block with her Dad by her side, and had her little brochures and a notepad and pen. I think she's about 8 ...
I'm sorry, but there's nothing funnier than dogs eating peanut butter...... We make a protein shake every morning and our little guys know instantly from the sound of the blender what time it is. So they wait ....... patiently. Until it's time. To LICK THE SPOON! I've seen it a million times, but...

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