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Access and use of today's technology has been one of my passions. I enjoy sharing information and teaching others about all aspects of real estate. From Agents to Buyers and Sellers...Information is the key. With the right information you can make the right decisions to move onto the next level. Let's talk Real estate!



I joined Active Rain almost exactly seven months ago. I feel like it was like years ago that all of this has started. Since I started here as you can see in the title, I have written 100 post and made over 2000 comments. I can only imagine how many post that I have wouldn't be a true re...
One more reason with a timeline for to get yourself established on the internet. Keeping up with the latest gadgets and email is not the way to keep up with technology. If your VCR is flashing 12:00 right now, how will you be able to stand out in ten years? Brokaw added that, “there will never no...
OK, I am just having a brain fart and just don't want to research it myself... So I am throwing it out there for you to answer. The best way to network is to go out and comment on other peoples blogs. This will in turn drive traffic back to your site...BUT MAN O gets hard to keep up with...
Yep you heard me...made it to the big time.  I am now an official character on the most famous and beloved cyber stories.  Danger Bay!!!In the middle of the night...poof...POP.  I was gone.  You will have to stop by Danger Bay to follow my adventures.  Make sure you leave a comment.  The most gra...
A walk down Main Street in New Market, MD , New Market, MD 21774 Click to View Show Looking for a charming little town to hang your hat at the end of the day? New Market is that place. Conveniently located just off Interstate 70 between Frederick and Baltimore. You will have a quick commute to w...
Missy has a great article on the benefits of Adwords. I haven't heard many success stories like hers. I have only heard of very low conversion ratios. I am eager to hear your success stories on the use of Adwords. But that is not the real reason I posted. I have been tinkering with the idea of mo...
We had our Silverteam meeting yesterday with a couple great speakers.  If you ever have the opportunity to attend a seminar with Micheal Staver or Jeff Hargett, I would recommend freeing up the time.  Micheal basically spoke of being focused on activities the have the best results.  I will write ...

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