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Thoughts of a top producing downtown Chicago Realtor. Organic real estate-centric content, updated news feeds, MLS search engine plus an eclectic sidebar of urban lifestyle links to explore, comment, trackback, ping!...



 There has been a lot of discussion lately in our Brokerage about the evolution of the Real Estate Agent in Chicago (or across the nation for that matter) Hybrid Realtor. Eric Rojas alluded to this in a previous post and I'm pretty sure our Broker/Owner Joe Pinto came up with the monick...
 Thank you to my friends at Sellsius for this awesome Christmas gift. Unfortunately, the UPS guy left it outside of my building and the City of Chicago just towed it away. Derek Burress also left me a gift for pick-up but it somehow got lost in the holiday shuffle. In real life my wife gave me a ...
First I was traded, then I was tagged.(it's all good because I love baseball..."Teamwork! {Al Capone ala Bobby DeNiro in the Untouchables, bat in hand}...)  Just click on the links because I'm too tired to type all that's all there in readable print on my CHW website. I'm on a movie qu...
 The following real estate-centric teasers are newsworthy items that I happen upon during my research and readings for the week and post on The titles and descriptions are mine (thank me very much!) but the actual stories are pulled from a variety of daily and weekly news sources. Click...
 There used to be this girl in our office---a woman in her early thirties actually, but she reminded me of my 12 year old niece by something that used to always come out of her mouth. Whenever I'd say something  opinionated or make an offhand curt remark within earshot of her, she'd blurt out the...
{I recently posted this picture and an accompanying story on my primary Blog as well as here and was informed by another site's SEO that my duplicate content might get me banned from Google! Wow, I had no idea. But as I view the photograph above I am reminded that ignorance of the 'law' is no exc...
Mary McKnight, the RSS Pieces REBlogGirl arranged this little Blogosphere get together for next week. I'm zooming to Queens for a day with the clothes on  my back and a fully charged laptop.  Christine Forgione is doing the same to Chicago. I'm not sure how its all going to come together but chec...
{I recently posted a picture and an accompanying story on my primary Blog and was informed by another site's SEO that my duplicate content might get me banned from Google! Wow, I had no idea. But I reminded myself that ignorance of the 'law' is no excuse. The content apparently needs to be 25% di...
Lets take a mental road trip away from Chicago for a few moments and travel back thirty years to the intersection of Kensington and Allegheny Avenues in the north Philadelphia neighborhood of Kensington. A guy I knew from college lived there and when we went home for Thanksgiving break the autumn...
As I was writing a comment on Bonnie Erickson's Real Estate Snippets blog out of Minneapolis it reminded me of some of the things that have shot out of my mouth before I could help myself (and quickly grab them back!). So I'm posting a few of those that come to mind from recent real estate situat...

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