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Everyone is partial to their favorite Real Estate Agent. They may have purchased or sold a home with them and the experience was memorable for one reason or another. However, if you are new to the Real Estate world and buying or selling your first home, here are some things to look for in a spect...
The Buzz on the StreetWell everyone is talking about it lately. The Zika Virus! You hear about it, you don't really know the details, and people get scared.Well, let us break it down for you and give you everything you need to know about this virus, how it is spread, what it means, and how to pre...
7 Things To Do Before You MoveWith move-out day quickly approaching, your to-do list can get quite extensive to make sure that all of your things get from point A to point B effectively and efficiently. We have compiled a listed of things you need to remember to do before the big move. These may ...
Hold Onto Your HatsThe Louisville, Ky area (Louisville & Southern Indiana) is obviously known for bourbon and horse racing. There are also many activities for everyone. The events and locations offered in both Louisville and Southern Indiana are endless.  However, if you are seeking something a l...
It only happens every 4 years and it has come back around this year! That's it...the Olympics! What a special treat to participate and follow for several weeks. These events are a historical occurrence that can be enjoyed by both young and old. This time around, the Summer Olympics will be held i...
If the Kitchen Space is Off, the Deal is Off!Yes, the condition of your overall home is taken into account by a buyer when viewing the property and determining if they would like to write an offer or not. However, there is one single room that can make or break their decision. The KITCHEN!Who kne...
Costs at Closing: What Does the Seller Pay?So you put your home on the market. You have cleaned and had professional photos taken. It is now on the market and you have received your very first offer! First off, congratulations! You have made it through the most difficult part of being a seller. H...
5 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Look More ExpensiveOk, so you have decided to sell your home, getting ready for an appraisal, or just need to jazz up the old look. Did you know that you don't have to knock down walls or hire a fancy contractor to spice up your home look? Here are a few tips ...
"It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future"- Yogi BerraPredicting anything to do with interest rates, the stock market, or mortgage rates is next to impossible. If it were possible, we would all be in a very different profession. Due to recent events associated with the European...
Sellersburg, In, located in Western Clark County in Southern Indiana. It is an ever-growing town that has many things to offer. With just a quick hop, skip, and jump from the booming city of Louisville, Sellersburg is quickly becoming one of the largest Southern Indiana towns. In the original pla...

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