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In the past 10 years, the internet has become our main source of news, weather, and pop culture. If you need to know what is going on in the world, it is all there in your pocket or purse. You can check the stock market, your email, pictures of your friend's new baby and even what is going on in ...
During your home search, are you driving around neighborhoods in the areas you are interested in and calling the number on the for sale sign? STOP! I know, I know. This sounds absurd coming from a Real Estate Agent. We are the ones who put the sign in the yard in the first place. Well, these next...
You have picked the perfect Real Estate Agent and all of the paperwork is signed. What are your next steps?Well, there are several tips and tricks for getting your home ready for the Real Estate Market. Check out some previous blogs that can assist you with getting your home ready to SELL! 5 Inex...
You have been working with the best local Real Estate Agent. You have been through a buyer consultation to determine exactly what is important to you in a home. You have been working hand-in-hand with your agent to look at the available homes in the drive by a home that was put ...
What Do Those Yellow Signs Mean?Driving around running errands this past weekend, our Team Leader and his wife happened to pass by a business with the ever-identifiable yellow, diamond Safe Place placard in the window.   This struck up a conversation regarding what these really meant and how they...
October 1st - October 9thIt is that time of year again! It is getting cooler (somewhat) outside and we are all thinking about everything pumpkin, warm comfort food, and fall festivals. What better festival to attend than Harvest Homecoming 2016 in New Albany, IN? Harvest Homecoming is celebrating...
Wait.....I have to sell it twice?!Yes! This is true! To completely close on your home and have it officially "sold", it needs to be sold twice. So, why twice and how does this work?Well....let us elaborate on this topic a little to hopefully help you understand. We all know about the selling proc...
Everyone is partial to their favorite Real Estate Agent. They may have purchased or sold a home with them and the experience was memorable for one reason or another. However, if you are new to the Real Estate world and buying or selling your first home, here are some things to look for in a spect...
The Buzz on the StreetWell everyone is talking about it lately. The Zika Virus! You hear about it, you don't really know the details, and people get scared.Well, let us break it down for you and give you everything you need to know about this virus, how it is spread, what it means, and how to pre...
7 Things To Do Before You MoveWith move-out day quickly approaching, your to-do list can get quite extensive to make sure that all of your things get from point A to point B effectively and efficiently. We have compiled a listed of things you need to remember to do before the big move. These may ...

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