real estate buyers: Attention Buyers!!! It is Officially CHEAPER to Buy than Rent!!!! - 02/11/11 07:17 AM
WOW, it is cheaper now to buy than to rent in 72% of the 50 largest cities in the United States.  In only 4 of the largest cities does renting make sense.  With the low cost of homes and the low interest rates, this is an historic opportunity for buyers that may not last long.  The existence of a combined lower interest rates and low home prices may not be seen again in our lifetimes!!!
This shift has come about because of the large number of former homeowners unable to buy and who lost their homes either because of foreclosure or … (5 comments)

real estate buyers: Who Sets Communication Standard for YOU!!??? And how are you managing without personal contact??? - 01/13/11 01:14 AM
WOW, things have really changed with communication???  For 25 years I've worked on the Phone and in Person selling real estate.  Not now, and probably not again!!!   I really miss the personal contact and the phone calls, I understand better when I am talking to someone, not texting or emailing.
First time homebuyers rule the market now and my customers that are under 30ish don't even email at this point let alone talk.  They are totally on their I Phones or Droids and if I cannot text them, then forget communicating.  Most don't even use their voice mail. Texting requires putting … (3 comments)

real estate buyers: It's Time to Get the Skeltons Out of The Closet!!! - DeClutter NOW - 10/03/10 10:14 AM
The Fall is a Great Time to Get all of the Skeltons out of the Closet, I am not talking about the Halloween Holiday, although it is quickly approaching.  When you put a house on the market, putting clutter in the closet may not be good enough, especailly in today's market.
Buyers are Looking for Storage and when they seriously look at a home they open every and any door in the house to see what is lurking behind it.  They want to check out the space and see if there will be room for them.  If it is packed to … (8 comments)

real estate buyers: Why I Love Teams!!!! Thinking Positively in the Rain!!!! - 09/26/10 04:45 AM
I was inspired to write this blog because of the Why I Don't Like Teams! Post from yesterday.  My husband and myself have been a real estate team for 25 years.  We put our team together to focus on bringing the client and customer a concierge level of high quality service.
The one common complaint that sellers and buyers have is not hearing from the agent.  We really feel that having administrative tasks that are time consuming, but not customer centric, handled by assistants who love the detail work makes us more available to the most important part of our business … (4 comments)

real estate buyers: Real Estate is Local, I repeat Local, National Stats never really matter!!! - 09/22/10 02:45 PM
The overall market has some, but not total influence on the local markets.  That being said the local market is even more fragmented by both price and age of property.  You cannot take National statistics and reflect the effect of them on a local market since there are too many factors to take into consideration.  No better illustration can be found than the medial prices from Realtors across the US. 
The median value is a mid-point figure: it means that half of the houses were priced higher and half were priced lower.  Nothing more.  These figures show that it is … (6 comments)

real estate buyers: Selling is not an Option!!! What not to do when Remodeling??? - 09/20/10 04:59 PM
In this tough economy there are still 90% of the people who have jobs and probably 80% of the population is not affected with a reduction in income.  Since they cannot move, they are remodeling to make their space feel better and to upgrade. 
The big risk with remodeling is Over-Remodeling, that is spending more than you can recover due to a lot of reasons.  Neighborhoods typically will not sell above a certain percentage of the median level of the neighborhood regardless of how much you put into your property.  You must remember that location, location, location.... is what drives prices!!!  … (3 comments)

real estate buyers: Another 9/11 Anniversary - 09/11/10 04:29 PM
The events that unfolded on 9/11 are still on my mind and I am old enough to remember the anniversary of the Kennedy Assination and know exactly where I was at that time also.  This is another rememberable event of my lifetime.  What ranks up there is the change and impact on the paths of many people that this event has had in both their personal and private lives.
I was afortunate enough today to work with a past client who happily moved to Mahatten several years before 9/11 tragedy to pursue a career promotion. They still live close to Manhatten … (0 comments)

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