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A Southern California Coastal agent's perspective on real estate and other things that interest me! Based in Laguna Beach, Real Estate is my passion.
Sadly Southern California has had more than our share of fires. For those facing the unimaginable sadness of a home loss, this is a great post with good tips. The most important thing to do is reach out for help. There are many organizations and people who are ready to help you.  A house fire is ...
Sorry St Louis It's A Beautiful Day In So Cal Just heard the weather report for the rest of the, don't know how you do that? Brrrrrr!My kiddo is in college outside St. Louis in Southern Illinois. They are being required to stay indoors today due to life threatening cold. That sound...
Long  Weekend? Yes Indeed Oh the long holiday weekends! How well I remember the days at the beach, or park or just lounging in the backyard....or couch....or bed. Another long weekend is coming this week! And it will be long for me as well. Open houses (3) New buyer Saturday morning Continuing bu...
 During a very hard time, it seems like Facebook is making it easier for family members to communicate with those who love the deceased. Interesting how even social media can help in these times of grief.  Forget about the whole cryogenic freezing thing. You can now live forever, thanks to social...
"You Just Want To Sell Me A House" Kelly from Boom Town is sponsoring an Active Rain Contest this month asking us to talk about how we turned around a naysayer. Anyone who spends time online knows that there are times when you reach out to someone...or they reach out to you...and it's initially a...
Rowing The Same Boat From Different Sides There is something to be said for maintaining a professional distance from the agent on the other side of the closing table. That's a metaphor because California does not have a closing table. But you get the idea. We might not be on the same "team" but w...
It's The Listing Price, Not A Price Tag Or not! I understand that the sellers have their own price, and the listing agent is working to help them achieve their it should be. But it doesn't mean we need to pay according to their whims.Yesterday I opened escrow on a nice property for my...
 Sunday! The day to relax...or work...if you're a real estate professional. But I don't mind, I love what I do. I'm going to be working today, or at least this morning. I will be meeting a new couple who are looking to buy their next home.I love that!I have had people ask me if I mind working on ...
There's my kiddo....starting the last phase of The Basic School (TBS), war games. They fly them out of Quantico to an aircraft carrier and then back to land for war games, simulating a real war. These are the last 2 weeks of his training.We now know that his permanent station will be in Miramar, ...
Where To Find Your Job Satisfaction - Do You Deserve A Pat On The Back? When a transaction closes, there is high excitement. The buyers will often shower us with thank yous and comments about how happy they are with their new home. It's tempting to want to pat ourselves on the back. We've done a ...

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