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There is no business there! She wasn't getting any phone calls and no one had walked through the door asking for her. She didn't get one listing the entire 3 hours (that's right....3 HOURS) she spent talking to other agents and drinking coffee...hmmmm, now THAT'S surprising. Do you know what she ...
Between my daughter and I, my living room is littered with clothes. Trying to plan for our trip to Italy. I know this isn't going to sound like a problem....but the problem is that we are going to be gone too long. It's a girl-thing. It's clothes. What to bring....what is the weather going to be ...
I was just thinking this morning (dangerous, I know) as I went through my morning computer routine. I check my email(s)I check my see what's going onI check Active see what's going on Hmmmm, got me thinking. I check on Facebook throughout the day to find out what my frie...
I read a great featured post today by Lori Liveston called Lies, Lies, Lies..... and it really hit home. Why do agents just blatantly try and mislead the's not going to work! Do they really think the buyer won't notice that the carpet smells of dog urine and the pool is green? I know ...
  Today's "Daily Drop" has a blog I wrote about a trip I'm taking to Italy with my mom, daughter and daughter-in-law...and how I'm preparing for it. Preparing For My Trip To Italy Includes Writing Blog Posts And Using The "Draft" Option I guess I'm surprised by so many comments, very well-meanin...
I am so horrified! Yesterday I got my nails done (that is not the horrible part....they look great :)) and was speaking to my nail girl. "Mary" is Vietnamese and we've often talked about real estate and the lending see, last year she lost her home to foreclosure. She had paid som...
  On Labor Day I'm heading to Italy for 3 weeks. My mom and I are treating my daughter and new daughter-in-law to a trip to Rome, Florence and Venice for 10 days. Then mom and I will stay for an extra week to "recuperate" (mostly kidding....they have school and work). I'm sure many readers just ...
Mission Viejo Is Hot! Time To Hit The Lake If you are a Mission Viejo resident, you already know the benefit of the Mission Viejo Lake.  A private lake with 2 beaches, boating, fishing and cool water. With temperatures hitting 98 degrees yesterday, this is the perfect time to gather the kids, or ...
My first call!! I got a call directly from my new community page. Last night I was happily watching the Food Network and dreaming of eating.....I'm on a 3 day fast (different post)....and I got a phone call from someone who had read a post I put on my new community page. They want to see homes th...
Wait, I know what you're thinking...."Karen, don't tell people to low-ball offers, write a reasonable one"! Actually, that IS what I'm thinking about. Reasonable offers...which sometimes are low-balls. Hear me a listing agent, I'd like an offer to work with, even if it's lower than we'...

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