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A Southern California Coastal agent's perspective on real estate and other things that interest me! Based in Laguna Beach, Real Estate is my passion.
Have You Gone “Nose Blind”? 7 Stinky Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling Have you seen the commercial for Febreeze? It talks about smells you’ve gone “nose blind to.”  That’s a great description for what happens when you live with odors in your home that you just don’t notice any longer. Well if your...
 Tips To Real Estate Investing For The Young –and young-at-heart It’s never too late to begin investing in real estate…’s never too early either. Real estate offers a solid investment opportunity which can provide not only an income stream but long term value appreciation as well. The future ...
It wasn't me. It's not my fault. Sure...I've been posting very rarely over the past couple months, but really it's not my fault. I've been writing furiously (ok....occasionally) but really they were all ready to go and was the dog. Yep...the dog at my blog post!Darn dog!Ok, so ...
    Here she little angel. My first grandchild. I met this little sweetie on the 4th anniversary of my husband's passing. Isn't that amazing? Of course I wish he were here to enjoy this moment with me, but he would be so proud of his son!!I think more trips to Florida are in my future!! 
21 Things You Can Do This Summer Instead of Waiting For Your Home To Sell If you’ve decided to list your home for sale, you need to find the right real estate agent. What does that mean, the “right” agent? Of course if you’re selling, that means that you want someone to help you get the best poss...
I'm so excited! This is Miss Bradley Ann Fiddler! Born a month early but healthy and happy! 5lbs, 7oz of pure baby joy! Only thing wrong today is that she's in Florida and I'm not! Need  to fix that asap!! :)
 Home Buying Red Flags  You’re excited about finding your next home. As you start visiting listings you see beautiful options for you and your family. You can pictures the Sunday Night Dinners in that great chef’s kitchen or perhaps a summer BBQ by the pool, but do you know how to spot the red fl...
 The Final Walk Through You are just days away from owning your new home. Everything is done and all that’s left is the final walk through. You would not believe how many buyers don’t want to be bothered with a final walk through, but it’s so important. This is your last chance before the close o...
You have worked with your agent to get your home ready for sale! You have planted bright flowers in the front yard, touched up worn paint on the staircase and had your carpets cleaned. The first weekend finally came and the potential buyers and their agents streamed through. As the weekend draws ...
This is my first, and most likely only, Memorial Day with my son on active duty in the Marine Corps. On June 21st, he graduates from his last training duty and returns to his civilian life and law career. Richard left almost a year ago, June 1, 2015 to join the Marine Corps as a reserve officer. ...

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