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A Southern California Coastal agent's perspective on real estate and other things that interest me! Based in Laguna Beach, Real Estate is my passion.
The dreams we dream are said to mean something. Of course we all have those dreams which are just continuations of our day. We work out problems and rehash situations sometimes all night. But then there are the fun ones! Patricia Kennedy invited me to one of her dreams, and I happily joined her. ...
So Happy Grasshopper has asked us to write a post about the things we're thankful for in our business. So many things I'm grateful for, but I'll concentrate on my 5.All my "things" are people! Those special people that are my support and without whom I could not be in business. 1) First, I have t...
Ok people...let's have a moment which tickles our sense of humor. This is a short parody I heard on the radio today of the Jihadi Helpline (real thing). It is hysterical! So enjoy! 
Holiday Kitties Why should dogs have all the fun? Oh you know, they get to go out in cute costumes for every holiday...heck, they now can ride in strollers through the malls.What about our poor feline friends? They want to have fun too!! Well, this looks like the perfect solution for those who ca...
I've been pondering the events of last weekend and others leading up to it. The Billy Joel song "We Didn't Start The Fire" keeps coming to mind. I was humming it at Trader Joe's this evening. Isn't that crazy? I was shopping for Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte mix while thinking about the terror attacks...
Almost a year ago my kids (left) had just left Paris when the Charlie Hebdo shootings occurred. Last night's horrible events have been weighing very heavy on my heart.I love Paris, and France as a whole. Contrary to their reputation for snooty behavior, I've always found Parisians to be lovely pe...
 New and improved members!! members! Roy Kelley asked a question today that made me think: Have you welcomed some new members today?Did you even know that you could? Active Rain has quite a few "hidden" lists and stats. I say "hidden" because you really do have to know that they exist.....
 Pasta-Thon Today 11-13-15 For Catarina's Club Bruno Serato owns a wonderful Italian Bistro in the heart of Anaheim called The White House. This lovely 1909 building is home to Bruno's authentic Northern Italian Cuisine!Having catered to Presidents and Rock Stars....the delicious food and elegant...
We all know that Google knows a lot about us. Those sneaky little devils follow our every move on the Internet. This week, Google has given us some tools to understand what Google does and does not know/use and some tools to better control our data's use. You may already know about the About Me p...
Of course this year means something special to me. My son and some of his friends (also young officers in training at Quantico) are spending yesterday and today in DC. What a great opportunity to see the special symbols of our country.Last weekend in Lake Arrowhead, CA was the Village celebration...

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