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When was the last time you saw a tourist in your back yard...or a horse head on your street? This week the Blooper Scooper picked up some beauties, friends. Some of these goofs are baffling, but I think we owe Auto-fill a lot of credit for that. Thanks to Jane Peters of Los Angeles for her great...
From cheese to sleaze, the MLS and the local real estate ads across the country were full of bloopers this week. Thanks to Jane Peters, Dick Beals and Patrick Martin for their hysterical contributions. Read ‘em and weep: It’s a Matter of Fact “Grate views” (I assume that cutting the cheese is yo...
I’m beginning to wonder if some of the typos I find on the MLS and in open house ads are intentional, folks. Apparently some agents will promise anything to fill their open houses and to sell their properties. Check out the comments below. There just can’t be that much booze in this world… You g...
Friends, If you want to read a great blog, this post by Bruce Walter illuminates the highlights of his life, including spending some of his youth in Cuba. What a fascinating life! (That being said, I bet I could kick his arse at Dodgeball.)                                      ABSENCE OF MEMORIES...
Once again it’s TGIF, and the results of this week’s MLS Blooper Scooper are in, friends. I can’t tell you how tempting it is to start naming names…but then I would run the risk of showing up on my own list! Yes, we all make mistakes, and auto-fill is killing us…but c’mon – couldn’t some of thes...
I’m back this week with more MLS and real estate ad bloopers; and a few of them will bring tears to your eyes. Some of these agents are either in too much of a hurry, or too dumb to waste air. But who am I to judge…I once signed a letter, “Best retards, Gwen.” I am sure my client thought that sa...

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